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What is mondaze?

That feeling when your brain is still unaware of your surroundings after a weekend.

Guy: How's it going?
Girl: What?
Guy: I just said "How's it going?"...
Girl: Sorry, I'm still a little mondazed.

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Mondaze - what is it?

When you sit looking at the screensaver or random web page for long periods of time. Usually you are jolted to attention by your boss or talkative co-worker

"Sorry man, I was in a Mondaze."
"I didnt get any sleep this weekend, so i've been mondazed since McD's breakfast.

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What does "mondaze" mean?

The hazy or dazed feeing you get on a Monday. Usually when having to go to work after a fun or crazy weekend.

That party on Saturday night was fun, but I'm going to be paying for it at work when I have a Mondaze.

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Mondaze - what does it mean?

Burnt out after a long weekend of partying, drinking, drugging, whoring- basically just enjoying life past extremes.

I can't believe I'm here today, I'm so Mondazed !

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Mondaze - meaning

Feeling extremely unhappy because the weekend is over and you have no choice but to go back to reality.

Mondaze at work. Wish it was Friday!

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Mondaze - definition

a daze you find yourself in due to it being Monday

I locked my keys in my car because I was in a total Mondaze. I hate the start of a new work week.

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