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What is misgendering?

What transgendereds call it when you use the right pronouns but which they don't think goes with their latest identity.

When you misgender me you negate my identity.

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Misgendering - what is it?

To misgender is to use the wrong pronouns on a person

"He misgendered me so bad yesterday."
-"Did he use male pronouns again?"

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What does "misgendering" mean?

When a person is assumed to be another gender than their gender identify and/ or expression, through someone's actions,thoughts,etc.

The transgender alliance experienced alot of misgendering from cis people.

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Misgendering - what does it mean?

When someone states that one is a gender other than one identifies. Misgendering is most common when it comes to transgender individuals, but can happen to cisgender people as well. (Example: Being called "Sir" when "Ma'am" is appropriate, etc...)

After she cut her hair short, she was constantly a subject of misgendering.

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