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What is meng?

An asian accent influenced alternative to the slang word "man".

Gip me der big beef burker Meng

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Meng - what is it?

A term used by youths in Trinidad and Tobago to refer to a vagina

He hates football. He just started playing for a shot at some meng

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What does "meng" mean?

A descriptive word used for sexually arousing females that play alot of ddr and are usually asian.

Wow she rocks at DDR and has nice boobs ! Wut a meng.

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Meng - what does it mean?

it is aa blackslang meaning "man"

you can use it like:
whatsup meng?

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Meng - meaning

1. Something which is particularly unpleasant or not highly respected.

"You are the Man of Meng."
"That t-shirt is really mengy."

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Meng - definition

the word spanish speaking people say in an attemtp to say man

antonio:wussappening meng!
white guy:learn to speak english!

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Meng - slang

- a feat a extraordinary ability .
- another use for man

- *playing games* "ok meng coming up now..."
- "shaddup meng"

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plural form of mang.

Mang, look at all of those meng over durr.

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a very high,out of this world feeling

i meng

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another way to say the word "man"

Yo meng!
Sup meng diddy meng meng!

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