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What is memorable?

memorably-impactful: Having great impact or influence; however the influence is so much so that it will not or cannot be forgotten.

Impact brings about emotion
Memorable we will not forget

"Her speech on financial aid was memorably-impactful."

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Memorable - what is it?

The awesome catchphrase used by Quinton Flynn playing his role as Axel in the video game Kingdom Hearts II.

Got it memorized?

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What does "memorable" mean?

When you either listen to a song, watch a movie or t.v. show, or read, say,...a script SO MANY TIMES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN that you don't have to be watching/listening/reading it to remember what it says.

Seagull - "Did you memorize your lines for the recording of the movie?"

Seagull #2 - "Dude, all we say is 'MINE'"

- Behind the scenes of "Finding Nemo"

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Memorable - what does it mean?

The act of memorializing something.

"Hey man I'm going to wear my American flag socks in your memory"
"Thanks, man. That's really memoric of you."
"HAHA. Is that even a word? You should patent it"
"IDK. I'll urban dictionary it"

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Memorable - meaning

pertaining to memory related experiences

long term memorical imaging
short term memorical image
the memorical pygmy forest impacted Mr. Marlboro's future career decisions
Kamel heavily regrets the memorical decision of picking up a nasty cigarette habit.

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Memorable - definition

The stupidest thing school has you do. Ever.

How will Shakespeare memorization help me in real life?

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Memorable - slang

Loving someone of the opposite sex(or sometimes the same sex) MORE than the other person.

Baby? i love you. No i love you more. NO! i love you memore!

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easily remembered

not forgotten

person 1: -last night was memorable
person 2: -ya ill never forget it

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An important event or person or activity, that will stay in the memory as a cherished time.

Many of my life experiences have been memorable. Ah, nostalgia!

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