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What is melted?

The process of dying a little inside when seeing someone attractive.

Rachael Katz+Max Cahn and no shirt= melting...nuff said

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melted - meme gif

melted meme gif

melted - video

Melted - what is it?

an absoulute complete fucking idiot

he/she is a melt

your a meltboy

shutup you melt

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What does "melted" mean?

When you see someone or something that makes you feel a lot of feels and you feel as if you are melting.

"When I read that fluff fanfic I was literally melting."

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Melted - what does it mean?

mental-gone a tad bit mad

have u melted? melted in the brain?

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Melted - meaning

Tired, out of it, exhausted, overly lethargic, or otherwise not mentally or physically energized.

"Dude, I'm so melted."
"I'm melted...can't make it out tonight. I'm just going to pass out."

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Melted - definition

The act of climaxing while listing to music

I melted everywhere in my girlfriend's room,while listening to Deadsy.

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Melted - slang

When your head is in a complete state of confusion or anger usually caused by another person.

Oh my God, why won't he ring me back?! My head is melted!

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when some one loves you so much they mess up your mind and, you don't know what to think any more.

(some might get depressed but being melted)

bro, you know that girl i was with last night.

yeah what about her?

bruh, she's melted me. I don't know what to do now I'm away from her!

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When you get knocked out, to the point where you have to have smelling salts to wake you up

Oh shit homie, this nigga got melted!!

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well-dressed; beyond butter

oh shit this nigga is cleeeeeean

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