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What is me i?

used when you want someone to stop annoying you

- yesterday night's game was awesome
- ask me if I care

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Me i - what is it?

me when i

me when i

when the

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What does "me i" mean?

now this this is pretty gay

yeet dont touch me i have a boyfriend allen

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Me i - what does it mean?

A phrase often usd by people who don't really know what they're doing.

This catch phrase was often used by the 80's TV cop Sledge Hammer right before he does something that results in some sort of catastrophic event or disaster.

Captain Trunk: Sledge, you cannot disarm that nuclear bomb!

Sledge Hammer: Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

(A nuclear explosion ensues thus ending the season finale of Sledge Hammer)

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Me i - meaning

The expectancy of being revive ,because of the one wielding the ray gun has the power to destroy the world

Sean screamed, "Revive me I got the Ray Gun!" because of him dying from one crawler.

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Me i - definition

Avid Merrion used to say it when he wanted to get into the Big Brother house and he still says it today.

"You will like me, i am warm." or "i like her/him, he is warm!"

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Me i - slang

In the top 10 most awkward things to say after sex. Along with "just like momma used to do it" and "so what contraception did you use?"

Girl: How was that for you?
Boy: Stick a fork in me, I came
Girl: I feel, so, violated.

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Me i

Gay ass line from Spider-Man 2 that makes no God Damn sense

Peter: I’m not an empty seat anymore, Punch me I bleed

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Me i

A Me-me-i-me-me is a person who types their own name into in order to create a flattering definition of themselves.

Dale: Did you read the definition of Jen in
Mike: What a Me-me-i-me-me.
Dale: I know. Most Jens I've met were just easy to bang.

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Me i

Prefix in sentences typically used by Italian-Americans.

"Me I wanna go eat a big canoli"
"Me I bro"
"Me I wanna chop that broad over there"
"Me I'm Luigi"

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