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What is math?

One of the core disciplines within science. The major fields within mathematics are algebra, analysis, number theory, topology, geometry, combinatorics, and logic. Math is concerned with structure, space, change, and quantity.
Mathematics requires much rigor for writing proofs. Most people are only introduced to mathematics that does not require such rigor. Mathematics is extremely influential in many fields, and, without it, modern society would not be the same - it would be less advanced.

It is only two weeks into the term that, in a calculus class, a student raises his hand and asks: "Will we ever need this stuff in real life?" The professor gently smiles at him and says: "Of course not - if your real life will consist of flipping hamburgers at MacDonald's!"

Q: What is the difference between a Ph.D. in mathematics and a large pizza?
A: A large pizza can feed a family of four...

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math - meme gif

math meme gif

math - video

Math - what is it?

gods way of punishing us

WHY GOD WHY[email protected]!$131#!#!

why did you give us math!?!?#$!$

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What does "math" mean?

whoever invented it should be rotting in hell as we speak. Also the substitute for most common curse words.

This is bullmath! I mathing hate the mothermathers they can all burn in mathing hell ya mathing bitch. Math me I'm all riled up now so math your mathin mather mathing maths.

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Math - what does it mean?

you have to be so big brain to compete with this


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Math - meaning

when the fuck are we gonna use it in our lives?

person 1: did you do your math homework?

person 2: fuck no its a waste of time im gonna be a carpet installer.

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Math - definition


one of Lucifer's many ways of making us suffer.

resonable cause for suicide.

Nobody with any sense likes math.

Math sucks and i suck at doing it.

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Math - slang

1. a class we take because we hate ourselves

(from the Latin "mathis" meaning "Satan's Alphabet)

Person A: "I hate my life and I want to make it horrible"
Person B: "I know of a good math class..."

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the science of that which cannot be.

Asymptotes are not real, but they are in the world of math.

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the lesbian sister of biology

Chris: Dad, can you help me with my math homework?
Peter: Math. Math, my dear boy, is nothing more than the lesbian sister of biology.

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John: My math teacher is abusing me!

John's Dad: Its OK, all math teachers are like that.

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