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What is management?

A secretary who can fire you.

manager: i know you told me all this work is impossible to get done in time, but get it done. i'll go do some useless paperwork.

employee: but...

manager: you're fired. now get back to work.

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Management - what is it?

The institution of watching without working, usually accompanied with a significantly higher salary.

Person 1: "Did anyone else notice the guy sleeping in the crew room earlier?"

Person 2: "No, man, he's with management."

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What does "management" mean?

Someone too incompetent to do any real work but who now has the authority to fuck up the work of those who aren't

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Management - what does it mean?

The guy wearing clean clothes who has very soft, smooth hands and a slick haircut and tells you to get the hell home before you get any overtime. The company's representative who is responsible for harassing, intimidating, disciplining and strong-arming employees in the name of better business practices. The cocky, overblown prick whose desk at work is stacked higher with grievance papers than his desk at home is piled high with overdue car and mortgage payments. That smarmy cocksucker in the VIP lounge at the club who orders bottles of top shelf vodka for the underage rich girls he picks up nightly at the strip joint. A man whose insecurities and self-doubts provide ample fuel for his currupt machinations in the workplace. The blue nosed white collared red cheeked scum-of-the-earth driveshaft of america's sputtering corporate engine. Collectively, managers are the scum that rises to the top of the pond in which we all must daily swim, and the company's ethics hotline is the vast barge that pushes this slime to shore to be beached and shriveled in the white-hot scorching sun of accountability.

Manager Jimbob had to change his underwear after I whipped out my contract book and asked him if he was harassing me. His panic sweat reeked of booze and almonds.

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Management - meaning

A person who appears to know how all tasks should be accomplished but can't actually do any of those tasks themselves.

A manager will tell you exactly how something should be done, even though he or she has never done it themselves.

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Management - definition

The poor guy that always has to deal with Karen.

The manager will tell you the same thing the employee told you Karen...

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Management - slang

A branch that requires the student to be extremely intelligent and teaches him to know everything about how a company works. Management is a complexed major where one must study economics, accounting, mathematics, marketing, law, etc.

- This guy had a Bachelor in Management.

- Wow, he must be really smart and rich !

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management is when resources (human and capital) are efficiently and effectively administered in a relative manner in order to achieve organisational objectives both disclosed and undisclosed.

the top management should be careful not to waste resources, they should really learn to manage!

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A major that, as a condition for acceptance, requires the applicant to be unskilled in any area of recognized professional expertise.

My dad didn't want to do any work, so he majored in management. It's company-sponsed welfare.

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An ambiguous entity that typically occupies the upper floors of buildings belonging to corporations. Management creates policies, procedures, and various directives designed to stagnate a workforce’s creativity while simultaneously providing obstacles to the accomplishment of work.

Ted: Oh, my God! Now I have to fill out this stupid checklist and run it through QA before I can start the machine after shift changeover.

Ralph: That’s management for you.

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