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What is magnificent?

Also with the alias Magnus Pieterson, Magnificent Pies is a mysterrious, mythical character that is found in the city of Derby.
Armed with an array of puns, gags and general chucklemunter material. A minimum 7/10 Laugh in the 'Templeman Scale' is for sure.
Loves banter with his favourite Lads.

Maginificent Pies: Ask me if im a tree
Person 1: Huh?
Magnificent Pies: ASK ME IF IM A TREE!
Person 1 : Are you a tree?
Magnificent Pies : No.


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Magnificent - what is it?

There's a certain type of character that defies such definitions as hero or villain, good or evil, friend or enemy. Love him or loathe him, you have to admire him. And at the end of the day, there's only one thing we can call him... a Magnificent Bastard.

The Magnificent Bastard is intelligent, capable, supremely competent, and always in control. He can be playing everyone from both ends, or making it up as he goes along with such consummate skill he gets away with it. He might be cynically exploiting all around him for his own ends, or persuading everyone to do everything for him. He might be a lying sneaky bastard playing everyone for his own selfish ends, but he goes about it with such breathtaking skill and panache you admire him for it. Above all else, what defines a Magnificent Bastard is his ability to evoke not just amazement, but grudging admiration, from friend, foe and audience alike.

The Democratic Party is in disarray. Karl Rove, you magnificent bastard!

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What does "magnificent" mean?

A Magnificent Bastard (MB) is someone who is all about unpretentious whiskey knowledge, all kinds of whiskey everywhere, they are about shenanigans, from dad-jokes to salty memes. They learn, they share, they shenanigan. To find a Magnificent Bastard in the wild, you will need to ask someone "How do you Whiskey?" A Magnificent Bastard will reply "With Magnificence"

A magnificent bastard is NOT a whiskey snob.

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Magnificent - what does it mean?

A moronic mis-spelling or mis-pronunciation of the word 'magnificent'.

Person 1: 'That film was magnificant!'

Person 2: 'Shut the hell up.'

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Magnificent - meaning

The word magnificent is generally used to describe someone who is absolutely amazing in every way

She is magnificent

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Magnificent - definition

The greatest piece of art to ever exist In the universe .a truly amazing spectical that has no equal I. This or the next life

That gummy bear is magnificent. amazing and one of a kind

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Magnificent - slang

Friends that do amazing things together, no matter how big.

Eden and Krysliana are the literal epitome of MAGNIFICENT.

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(adjective) impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking

My girlfriend, Hope, is magnificent.

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A new way to describe mentally retarded people because of the fact that the word to describe the mentally retarded keeps getting less insulting. For example It use to be Retarded then mentally handy caped, then special, and now we are to a point where we are saying they are "GIFTED". ( what kind of a gift is being retarded?) so now it has been decided that the mentally impaired will be called magnificent. Witch is now a good new way to make fun of your friends with out them knowing.

Tyler your so "magnificent". I mean seriously what kind of a man craps themselves in the middle of a parking lot.

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ability to be better than everyone else. the ability to party until 6 a.m when you have to work at 4 a.m. just being overall great.

jimmy brown is the most magnificent person ive ever met

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