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What is mad monkey?

When you fist someone while that person is taking a shit.

"Dude, this big black dude named Sue gave me the worst mad monkey in jail; I couldn't shit for 4 days."

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Mad monkey - what is it?

To have rough sex for an extended length of time.

We will have mad wild monkey sex one day.

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What does "mad monkey" mean?

To stick your finger up your anal cavity, remove it, and put the fingure up the nose of the girl you are haveing sexual intercorse with. At this time, she will pass out due to the toxic fumes. While she passes out, you carry on your buisness.

After prom, I took his sister and I played a little monkey-madness on her

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Mad monkey - what does it mean?

Where you are masterbating, and know your going to get caught. So you try to finish off quickly to impress the person catching you.

Mother: I caught little Johnny doing the mad monkey shuffle today.
Father: STUD!

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Mad monkey - meaning

When your girl tries to put your banana shaped cock in your mouth but it makes the Mad Monkey ANGERRYYY!! So then you spank her in the bojangles and tear out her pube hair, and use superglue to put it all over your body, officially making you the maddest of monkeys,

Good ol Albert: That girl tried to give me head, but that made me turn into a Mad Monkey!!
Good ol Bobby: I noticed you had brown pubes all over you.

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Mad monkey - definition

When the man is about to climax (in doggy style) he pulls out, pulls her hair up, cums all over the girls neck and then rubs her hair in it. The reaction should be the girl with one if not both hands behind her head screaming at the top of her lungs. Resulting in her looking like a monkey.

My buddy gave his ex-g/f a mad monkey as a parting gift.

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