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What is mad?

Any thing Cool; A humour magazine

Man that magazine Mad.

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Mad - what is it?

1. Crazy

2. Angry

3. Extremely, very, a large quantity

1. Are you mad?

2. WHy are you so mad, you ain't had to hit him.

3. Yo I his car has is pumpin' mad bass

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What does "mad" mean?

Title of a satirical magazine and subsequent televeision show that pokes fun at the media and current events.

My mom better not throw away my old issues of MAD magazine.

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Mad - what does it mean?

New York and New Jersey's way of saying very, it is similar to hella, wicked.

I had mad amounts of homework in school.
I hate that punk, he's mad gay.
Dude, that chick is mad hot.


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1. crazy, insane, demented, nuts, deranged, out of one's mind, bonkers, lost one's marbles.

2. angry (usually limited to the United States)

3. extremely, very

-"I get up before dawn, go to bed at midnight, work until I'm half-mad, and what do I get for it?!"

-"Ophelia's gone mad and she's run off! We have to catch her!"

-"Wow, your mom's really mad!"

-"This book is mad boring!"

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(adj.) an adjective used to enhance a noun.

1- dude, you got skills.
2- dude, you got mad skills.

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1: really or extremely
2: alot

"That kids mad cool"

"i got mad money"

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Wikipedia says:
A MAD Movie is a Japanese fan-made video, much like an anime music video (AMV), that generally originate from the Japanese website Nico Nico Douga. MAD can also describe the Japanese AMV community, although they can be anything from audio clips, edited pictures, to wholly original creations. MADs do not necessarily even need to be related to anime, though the more popular ones typically are. The term MAD (occasionally [email protected]) is thought to be a reference to the name of one of the original MADs, rather than a particular acronym for anything.

There are many MAD videos at the Nico Nico Douga website.

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My brother is mad. He is mad that his definitions on urban dictionary got rejected.
I'm writing this to piss him off.

My bro is mad. It is funny.

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Most predominantly used in the greater New York area, "mad" is an appropriate replacement for Northern California's "hella" and Boston's "wicked." In the common vernacular, it translates into "a lot" or "extremely." Can be used almost interchangeably with any of the above listed words.

For the most part, it means angry.

It's mad hot today.
She has mad problems.

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