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What is love u?

U text ur crush or gf and say I love u and if u see them that day give Dem a big hug or even if it's a best friend

Today is national I love u day

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Love u - what is it?

means that ima spend my life with your cute ass im never letting go im staying by your side forever ur gonna be safe in these arms of mines and ima gonna love u for eternity i love UR CUTE ASS BABY

hey baby i love u wayy moree

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What does "love u" mean?


Love u Morgan Wallen
Whoever you are, maybe Urban Dick husband. 不不不

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Love u - what does it mean?

Ill never leave u alone or in a bad mood. I wont let u be sad Ill make u feel better no matter what mood Im in Ill never change u or stop wanting u

Emo girl:I love u my little demonic baby

Emo boy: I love u too my little devil

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Love u - meaning

When u show affection for a person, u never want to leave them, u need them in ur life and u cant live without them, u want them with u all the time or u feel lonely

I love u means an intense feeling of deep affection; a great feeling u get for that one special person that u have for no one else; its that one person whom u choose to care for and about ur entire life
Me: Brennan I think I love u..
Brennan: uhhh.....

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Love u - definition

A half-baked expression of love. Purposefully, leaving out the "I" in "I love you" so as not to take ownership. Usually in the form of a text message, it spells doom for a committed relationship.

Man: You are my moon and my stars. I love you.

Woman: Love u.

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