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What is long green?

A test of objective internet authenticity where the person being sequestered is asked to take a photo of him or herself wearing a green shirt with/in front of/near the object in question.

Originated from the Mugen parts topic of the worlds largest Honda enthusiast forum, this was first used to prove the authenticity of a Honda del Sol Mugen front bumper cover.

Memphis: Hey I own a jet ski!
Vega: Prove it!
Memphis: How?
Vega: By taking the green long sleeve shirt test!
Memphis: What's that?
Vega: Take a picture of yourself while you are eating a jelly dough-nut next to your jet ski pointing at it while you hold a calendar with my birth-date circled, and you must be wearing a green long sleeve shirt...

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long green - video

Long green - what is it?


Do you have any of those long stemmy green bitches? I want to make a snack.

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What does "long green" mean?

A cocky, pompous, and predictable documentary about the cross country team of York High School in Illinois. The film was made in 2007 because the team had won 24 state titles in the past 45 years, and in the movie they win a 25th. The Long Green Line is absent of hard work, struggle, and adversity, and is, instead, a boring movie about a team that cruises to victory. To make matters worse, the runners are cocky, selfish, and several of them were arrested for arson and underage drinking. Unfortunately, this is the movie many non-runners associate with the sport of distance running.

Buddy: "You were a runner in high school?"
Me: "Yeah, I went to states in the 3200m."
Buddy: "Oh, you were like the guys in The Long Green Line?"
Me: "Umm no. For one thing, my state was WAY more competitive than theirs, and for another thing, I wasn't a complete douchebag."

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Long green - what does it mean?

The best movie ever. It's a documentary about a cross country team in Illinois that wins their 25th state championship in 50 years under coach Joe Newton. Although two varsity runners were expelled, other runners stepped up and the team still won state.

The Long Green Line is my favorite cross country documentary.

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Long green - meaning

term meaning large amounts of money

I hear that hott chick from high school is making long green as a pornstar.

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