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What is loke?

A feeling of affection for a person that is more than "like" but less than "love."

Fred and Wilma have been dating for six months, Fred claims that he lokes her.

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Loke - what is it?

when you like someone alot, but not enough that you love them.

i loke you soo much!

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What does "loke" mean?

when you are afraid to love someone in fear they don't love you back, but you like them as more than a friend

I'm im loke with him.

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Loke - what does it mean?

vrb--the act of liking someone more than just like....almost love....but not quite.....something nobody does...
The feeling between like and love.

they saw a long-lasting relationship in their the time, they were in loke w/ eachother

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Loke - meaning

the feeling of security with a person in which allows one to feel in between the two feelings of "like" and "love". To trust and believe in another person.

i'll loke you through everything, and forever

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Loke - definition

Loke - 1,To smoke weed. 2, To go for a walk. 3, To see something. 4, To chill out.

Loke - A word deriving from the early 1990s and the period of Gansta Rap known as G-Funk. It has many definitions and can be used to descibe virtually any activity.
It was adopted by some in the West Country as a word to mean all things.

- Do you fancy a Loke? (of weed, cigarette etc.)
- Shall we Loke (go out etc)
- I was just Loking at it (looking)
- Lets just Loke (chill)
- Urghghh I'm all Loked out (busted)

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Loke - slang

a young thug

hes a baby loke

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young gangsta living in L.A. or L.A. area

"So you a wanna be loke, and you'll get smoked" Eazy-E (Real Muthaphukkin G'z)

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deep affection towards your significant other which is stronger than like, yet not as strong as love.

i'm in loke with you.

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When you know you love someone but it's way to early in the relationship to tell them.

I loke you.

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