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What is lizard?

A slang for a semi truck due to the movement it makes, particularly during a wind storm.

Interstate 80 can be slow going in the winter due to the large number of lizards.

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Lizard - what is it?

to be done to a very high standard, or to get a brilliant result from doing a task or job.

you pulled that one off a beauty man, that wuz lizard..!!
as the ball came to him he jumped in the air and cuaght it in spectacular style, turned a shouted.. "WOOOOOOOO, LIZAAAARD..!!"

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What does "lizard" mean?

A derogatory term used for hookers that hang out at truck stops.

CB conversation: Breaker Breaker 19, does anyone know of any lizards hangin out on I-18.

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Lizard - what does it mean?

A male who prostitutes himself to other males, see Jadakiss's "Why" remix

"Why did McGreevey get caught with a lizard?"

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Lizard - meaning

An awesome animal; scaley changes colour and comes in a variety of colours and shapes!

Jerk: Hey! You love lizard! You suck!
Me: Lizards are so cool!
Jerk: *is stupid*
Me: Your stupid!

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Lizard - definition

the non-sexual act (similar to hugging) that often happens between friends, lovers, or any other acquaintances, or any inanimate object that involves flicking your tongue back and forth against theirs.

Person A: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want to lizard me right now?
Person B: 5...HUNDRED!!

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Lizard - slang

The term "lizard" is used to describe a broke pimp. A lizard is when a male and/or female that consider theirselves as pimps, but either their hoes ain't bringing in any money, or they just can't control their hoes. Either way, they're broke then a bitch !

I was up at the pilot truck stop last night on Lancaster Rd, and I heard this hoes talkin bad to here pimp. She said... "Thats why you ain't nothin but a lizard ol' hoe ass nigga !!!!!!!!"

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A hippie term for penis.

Cover up your lizard, Gene.

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an mental guy/girl who dont give a give a shit. and will kill for a snickers.

ben: that guys a lizard
micheal:i know
harrison:dont go near him he doesnt give a shit

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womans pussy, cunt, southern slang for clit.

damn, that girl has a big lizard.

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