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What is listing?

Refering to the "cats meow". Richest, Glamourous, Prettiest..Along the lines of being almost perfect. Must have attitude, money, fame, fortune, a nice car, looks. Finicky, rude, but all together worshiped and envied.

Waiter: Would you like some of our finest champange miss?

A-list: Nah, do you think you could send someone to italy to pick up my favourite drink?

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Listing - what is it?

The act of leaning or swaying to one side.

Yo diggity dawg, you are listing to the left don't fall over!

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What does "listing" mean?

When the government is monitoring you because of a internet post with one idea in mind, however the post was misinterpreted as something absolutely different, usually regarding crime, violence, politics or terrorism.

Blogger: "The party last Thursday was the bomb! That white house with the killer sub woofer really started a revolution. Even the President should be impressed!"
CIA agent: "Thursday, Bomb, White House, Killer, Revolution, President"
Blogger: "I'm on a list now, aren't I?"

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Listing - what does it mean?

A Chicago term meaning to keep a mental note or "list" of things that are done by a person who constantly pisses you off.

"That bitch better watch herself. I already got her on list!"

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Listing - meaning

To be On That List you must have a STD. Popularized through the Soulja Boy song "You on that list."

"I Razied that slut, now im On That List and that bitch is pregnant."

"Im On That List because I was raw dogging it in a bathroom stall."

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Listing - definition

As by Hollywood standards, the “cream of the crop” or the best, most popular, and highest paid actors and actresses. Adopted by a student by the name of Jawan Ford during his high school years at North Springs High School in Atlanta, it was used to describe a financially “well off”, gorgeous, but more often than not snobbish group of females, whose values were considered somewhat sophomoric. It has since then evolved to describe one who holds only to the highest standards of class, professionalism, and sophistication

Did he just step out of a BMW 760Li? He's so A-List.

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Listing - slang

Popularised by Homer Simpson, 'The List' is populated by things/people/places/etc you hate, and will experience your vengeance, in this life or the next.

All right, Econo-save, you just made the list!

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"The List" is a compilation of all the hot guys in a specific group (your school, band, etc), with #1 being the hottest.
Rules of the list are determined by the list makers.

Person A: Guess what! I just added Mike to "The List"!
Person B: Ooh! Add Ethan!
Person A: EWH WHAT?

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you are on that list when you have a STD

Soulja Boy's Song "That List" man i really wanted to talk this girl she so fine but then she got picked up by the clinic she must be on "that list"

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What you say to “low-key” tell someone that someone else (or you) is on the sex offender list.

1.) “Hey watch out kids, I’m pretty sure that sketchy guy is on the list.”

2.) “I’m supposed to tell all the kids who buy my ice cream that I’m on the list.”

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