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What is listening to music?

Choking on dick or to choke on penis

White Guy Listening to Headbanger Music-Kyle Block

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Listening to music - what is it?

What edgy emo 13 year olds listen too, usually shit bands such as TOP, p!atd, etc

I only listen to real music - twentyonecrybabiesatthediscoCx

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What does "listening to music" mean?

going over to a girl's house late at night to get some ass, possibly doing her until she is "filled with the holy spirit" and she "testifies".

"yo man, where are you going?"
"you know bro, over to this chick's house to listen to gospel music"

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Listening to music - what does it mean?

Feeling alive via music, Going back in time, Remembering the good and the bad, Moshing, Dancing, Rocking out, Crying, Smiling, Singing

We will be listening to music everyday, 'till the end of time.

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