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What is listening to music?

The process of reading with your ears.

You've been listening to an E-book.

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Listening to music - what is it?

To masturbate vigorously. Coined because it seems that anyone named Jan is so frustrating to listen to that one can't help but masturbate vigorously in the hopes of inseminating the speaker's face.

Did you hear about Leo? He Listen to Jan'd so hard he has tennis elbow.

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What does "listening to music" mean?

Go get high

You want to go listen?

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Listening to music - what does it mean?

Something bitches don't like to do💯

Ion got no lady, cuz these bitches don't like too listen-kodak black

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Listening to music

The same meaning as resting my eyes

It's when you try to act like you aren't going to sleep and you play it off by saying you are just "listening"

Same as- listenin

You going to sleep? no, just listening....Zzz

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Listening to music

a)a code for a roommate to say when wanting to have sexual intercourse and wanting the roommate(s) to leave perhaps to play video games.
b)a pick-up line to get sexual intercourse.

a) Guys i think i'm going to go listen to radiohead for a while. Come back in 15 minutes please.

b)Why don't we come back to my room and listen to some radiohead.

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Listening to music

A personal quality of being proficient at listening attentively to people during a conversation.

Man, I always like telling my stories to Joe, he's so listenative.

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Listening to music

LOnely and no one listens

even when you listen to them


S_S:hey L'BQ
L'BQ: hey s_s
S_S: so L'BQ how u doin
LALALAA: why wont yall listen to me

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Listening to music

going over to a girl's house late at night to get some ass, possibly doing her until she is "filled with the holy spirit" and she "testifies".

"yo man, where are you going?"
"you know bro, over to this chick's house to listen to gospel music"

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Listening to music

Feeling alive via music, Going back in time, Remembering the good and the bad, Moshing, Dancing, Rocking out, Crying, Smiling, Singing

We will be listening to music everyday, 'till the end of time.

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