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What is listen?

When you repeatedly listen to a song, artist or album for an extended amount of time, the most common being that its stuck in your head or you have a personal connection to it. This is a very common occurrence with teenagers. One could consider listening to Top 40 radio stations for hours on end a form of binge listening because one can hear the same song 3 times in one hour.

Teen 1- Dude I've been binge listening to Master of Puppets for the past 6 hours.
Teen 2- Good choice man.

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listen meme gif

listen - video

Listen - what is it?

An excuse KSI uses against people who call his music shit

Guy: Ur music is shit
Ksi: Lets see ur monthly listeners then

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What does "listen" mean?

To listen to a person(s) use the toilet.

I went to the toilet only to find Lei was listening.

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Listen - what does it mean?

The process of reading with your ears.

You've been listening to an E-book.

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Listen - meaning

The same meaning as resting my eyes

It's when you try to act like you aren't going to sleep and you play it off by saying you are just "listening"

Same as- listenin

You going to sleep? no, just listening....Zzz

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Listen - definition

Something bitches don't like to do💯

Ion got no lady, cuz these bitches don't like too listen-kodak black

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Listen - slang

A word to end the conversation because they proved you wrong and/or had a funnier rebuttal.


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A personal quality of being proficient at listening attentively to people during a conversation.

Man, I always like telling my stories to Joe, he's so listenative.

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LOnely and no one listens

even when you listen to them


S_S:hey L'BQ
L'BQ: hey s_s
S_S: so L'BQ how u doin
LALALAA: why wont yall listen to me

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Go get high

You want to go listen?

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