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What is let's get?

letting someone know that you mean business and you are pretty much up for anything at any time. also meaning that you are ready to do work on people. the act of getting something.

john is preparing to go into a heated situation. you then step in and and say "lets get it"

John: i saw a bunch of mad chill biddies down by the pier.

Matt: Yo! lets get it

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Let's get - what is it?

lets go out and have a good time and relax.

sup, im going to a party you commin.

yea, lets get blown.

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What does "let's get" mean?

A popular slang reference to getting really messed up on alcohol or drugs in order to free the spirit and drop the inhibitions. Often refers to drink and cannabis, used in a party-setting with accompanying music. Incidentally, the Black Eyed Peas have popularized this term with their song, "Let's Get Retarded." see also, "get stupid."

"Dude, let's go over to Sally's house and get retarded."
"As soon as we get to the party, let's get retarded."

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Let's get - what does it mean?

It means when two or more people have a good time and have no sense of time simply because they are having fun.

Hey boo, What do you wanna do? Lets get lost.

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Let's get

Let's do this. Let's get it poppin. Let's get it crackin.

Porsche': "Man we bout to go have fun!"
Kari: "Let's get it!"
Shauniese: "Woot Woot!"

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Let's get

1) A statement akin to showing excitement in anticipation of an upcoming event or action
2) An energetic call to action.

Variants: Let's fucking get it, we get it

Other derivations: esketit, let's fucking go, let's do this

1) John: Guys get in here, the Sixers are about to play the Cavs.
Sam: Let's get it!

2) I have two finals back to back tomorrow, let's fucking get it

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Let's get

The act of getting weird. As referred to in the TV show Workaholics. This includes any and all shenanigans. Anything that you think may cross the line of appropriateness is considered getting weird. This typically involves partial if not full nudity. Drunken stupor. Chanting "Let's get weird" is a requirement. There is never enough weirdness.

As used in a sentence: "Let's get weird! Let's get weird! Weird! Weird! Wa Wa Wa Wa Weird!" "It's friday and shit is about to get weird tonight!"
"We got so weird last night it was awesome!"
"We were all naked. It got weird."

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Let's get

When you bout to have a lit experience or hear some hype news.

Brandon: I just got new kicks fam.

Charles: Let's get it.

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Let's get

A phrase said when one wants to engage in alcoholic activity, most likely at a party or bar. Rarely does one get panda alone.

Greg: We're at this Damnation party, but what should we do?
Daemon: Let's get panda!

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Let's get

This means to get somewhere with a person. To get means to do a spesific action. Which means your going to do it in a near future.

"Let's go to class"
"Ok let's get"

Bruh I'm bouts to eat
Let's get

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