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What is legend?

One of the finest cars ever made by Honda. Sold through the Acura line in North America from 1991 to 1995, it has very high quality materials not found in most sub $45,000 cars today, such as real wood, as well as a minimum of plasticky parts. In 1994, Honda introduced a Legend GS with 30 more peak horsepower. When it was discontinued in 1995, they took the engine and put it into their new, lesser replacement, the 3.2TL.

Acura Legend - Coupe or Sedan.

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Legend - what is it?

someone who ois so good at what they do

kurt cobain was a legend!

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What does "legend" mean?

A noun that refers to someone of greatness and who is very well known

Yes my man! You're a legend! Da Legend!

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Legend - what does it mean?

their name will be known a hundred years from now

matt was a legend for the lemon styling of his hair.

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Legend - meaning

a general term to describe someone that achieves the impossible on a daily basis can also extend to legendary to explain the amazing things that the person has acomplished

can be used to describe certain people such as chuck norris, bruce lee and adriaan w


person 1: wow man adriaan pulled off some pretty legendary shit last weekend

person 2: no shit what did u expect tho he's such a legend it's all he ever does

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Legend - definition

Someone who is the ultimate of cool. The legend is witty and nice, contrary to what they might think. The legend is also badass, though.

Randal James is THE legend.

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Legend - slang

One everyone should respect.

Could be used if you pulled a milf. You are then a legend.

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A legend is someone or something whose coolness extends beyond all space and time.

I get all the bi0tches because I am a legend.

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A person who embodies the pinnacle of all the important social aspects. Any person who is funny, reckless, original and sensitive in the right measures is likely to be nominated a legend by his associates. A person to whose persona you aspire.

You, my son, are a complete fucking legend

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totally worth of respect for any reason

"ah, you're a legend"

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