Definder - what does the word mean?

What is laugh?

extremely hilarious; very funny

Jeremy shat in Ron's cereal, it was fuckin laughs.

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Laugh - what is it?

Way better than lol, ahaha, haha, or xD
It shows that you are laughing, and doesnt sound sarcastic.

Person 1: Did you see Jessica Simpsons wardrobe malfunction?! lol
Person 2: *laughs* of course!

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What does "laugh" mean?

Used to describe how you feel inside when you find yourself in a pleasing set of circumstances, or at least in comparison to a worse outcome that also might have occurred. It does not suggest glee at another's misfortunes but rather highlights one's own fortunate situation.

eg. 1: The forecast predicted rain for our camping trip, but the weather turned out to be so gorgeous we were laughing.

eg. 2: While waiting at emergency, I was upset over my ankle injury. But then when I saw the paramedics bring in a 7-year-old girl covered all over with first-degree burns, I realized I should be laughing.

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Laugh - what does it mean?

A word Jackscepticeye shouts when he slaps a whiteboard and knocks some markers off

Jack:L! Lovers, A! Ass, U!...You!,G! Gamer *Duh* and H! is for Happy! put em together what do y’all get? what do ya get? what do ya get? *Slaps the whiteboard* LAUGH!

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Laugh - meaning

The reason why u pee your pants

We were taking random selfies that's one came out so wrong we started laughing

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Laugh - definition

When you exert loud excited noises from your body while experiencing pleasure and enjoyment

Wow, I'm laughing so hard right now!

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Laugh - slang

when a smile has an orgasm.

the girl told a joke and everyone starting laughing

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a sound made when something is funny to you.

Comedy is supposed to make u laugh

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A way of expressing that a joke was funny.

Synonynms: chuckle, giggle, snort

I laughed so hard last night!

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A smile having an orgasm.

Dude1: Oh dude look at that smile it's totally orgasming
Dude2: That's called a laugh...

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