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What is lancaster?

An influential feeling of having a teacher that makes college more fun than ever thought possible.

Dude, I can't wait for my number theory class its my lancaster!

Im so ready for next semester, all my classes are going be lancasters!


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Lancaster - what is it?

Home of the amish and their corn bread. Also place where an assortment of college kids live together and touch eachother in vulgar ways. It is the temporary home of some preppy coke heads from connecticut, skanks from new jersey, japs from new york, wannabees from maryland, average jo's from p.a., and really confused people from the other 45 states. Lancaster has one bar, which smells like piss, and the entire town smells like cow shit. The owner of this 1 bar has 2 teeth. Actually, there is another bar called Brickyard. Its the only place to go where you can take your mind off of the fact that you are stuck in fuckville, pa.

Townies call Lancaster (lan-cuh-stir)
and end every sentence like they're asking a question
OUt of Townies call Lancaster (Lang-cass-ter)
we are pushy, rude, entitled, and we drive our parent's bmw

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What does "lancaster" mean?

A cute, little town in Lancashire, after which the county was named. People in Lancaster are usually catergorised, especially when going into town after school hours, where you usually see groups of chavs, emos, chemos and Grammar school people.
Full of history, able to kick Yorkshire's ass... Look at the history books, you know it's true...

It is also amazing... You should really go there.

Tourist: Can you recommend some cute, little town for me to go to?

Awesome human: Go to Lancaster. It's freaking cool...

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Lancaster - what does it mean?

Lancaster is a wonderful, friendly historic town in Lancashire, England. It's worth noting that Lancashire is named after Lancaster, and that Lancaster was an ancient kingdom. If you've heard of The War Of The Roses, well, the Kingdom of Lancaster was part of that.
People in Lancaster are nice and tolerant, and this is said to be due to the fact that the town had maintained a large catholic population despite the English Protestant reformation, so it had ~500 years of "multiculturalism". This said though, Lancaster was recently named the city with the least amount of non-whites in the UK, with less than 1% of its population being non-white. Racism does not seem to be an issue though.
Overall, Lancaster seems to be a place where people are relatively affluent and well-educated. That said, as with most English towns and cities, it has its share "townies" and hipsters. The townies and hipsters seem to have an enmity between them, but are still civil to each other.
Oh, and as for soaping the fountain just prior to the 21st of August 2005, we did that! A kid I knew who came from Morecambe poured a couple of 1L bottles from Wilko's into the fountain and it was a blast! Hilarious! Sooo funny!
Everyone there seemed to have fun that afternoon; you should've thrown someone in!
And last but not least, I should mention I had nothing to do with soaping the fountain today!

Lancaster, England is one funky town!

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The heart of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and the only Lancaster in the country pronounced in the Pennsylvania-Dutch style "LANK-es-ter." Like nearby Manheim, increasingly wigger-infested, with an equal population of cold bleach-blond social climbers and potential entrepreneurs.

Though the ubiquitous scent of manure from nearby farms belies its ruralness in comparison to its neighboring Philadelphia, being from Lancaster is not a direct indication of being Amish.

Although the quilts really are spectacular.

"Directions from Philly to Lancaster? Well, if you wanna avoid tolls, take the Schyukill to 202. After Reading, you'll hit Bird-in-Hand, and you'll wanna follow the freeway past Intercourse and then through Paradise. Lancaster is just on the other side of Paradise...Whaddya want in Lancaster, anyway? You Aymish or somethin?"

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A ship from the show RWBY between Jaune Arc and Ruby Rose, that is fucking adorable.

Lancaster is OTP!

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A really boring place in Pennsylvania(at least I think so after 12 years living there) where randomly thousands of tourist came because they think we are all Amish people

A Person from Lancaster: "Why the Hell did you came here on vacation when you could have gone somewhere actually INTERESTING"

Tourist: "Because of all the Amish. Duh. What an idiot"

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Horrible little desert turd town in California that rests above the flames of hell. It is considered the Alabama of Los Angeles County with possibly the highest number of working class Republicans outside of the South per capita.

If you are young, grew up in Lancaster, and you never left then you probably never went to college (AVC and the CSU Bakersfield extension campus don't count), you are probably married to an army guy, you probably are an army guy, and you most likely have 3 kids by now and you're only 24.

If you are young and you managed to escape this godforsaken place it won't be long before the AV Vortex (Antelope Valley Vortex) sucks you back in and you are forced to work here and live here FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!!

Lancaster is riddled with Wal-Mart and crystal meth.

"Hi, I live in Lancaster and my favorite hang out places are Wal-Mart and Movies 12 (the dollar theater). My neighbor makes crystal meth and I am 24 years old and have 4 kids and I never went to college."

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Located in the state of Pennsylvania. The only place where you will see Ghetto people and Amish people live in harmony.

Lancaster is ballin! Its so full of history!

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A goofy little country town in between the desert and mountains, just north of LA. Almost everyone has lived here there whole life, so everyone knows everyone. Seriously. You go "down below" to LA, and you see someone you know. Howdy Pardner!

It feels like it is stuck in the 1980s with its conservative politics, and the fact that everyone goes to church, I feel like I am in the Bible belt of the south. Many businesses are closed on Sunday. Lancaster has more churches per capita than any other city in CA.

Most everyone up here is in the military or works for an aerospace company.

Overall it is a good community, not much to do in terms of night-life, but the surrouding mountains and desert are good for people that like to bike or hike.

People move here once they have had their fun and just want to settle down, and ride a horse.

Where are you from?

I am from Lancaster!

Oh really, I have family living in Pennsylvania.

No Lancaster in CA.

There's amish country in CA?

Well not really, but kind of, never mind. Lancaster is a little city in the Mojave Desert by Edwards Air Force Base.

Oh, Edwards, I have heard of Edwards, where the space shuttle lands, you should have said that earlier. I know exactly where that is!!

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