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What is lame?

Original word means something similar to paralyzed.

Common use is more about being paralyzed from the neck up, stupid, vegetable.

1. I have a lame leg.

2. Man, you are lame.

3. Dude, it's fucking lame using AWP on this map (Counter-Strike) (see AWP)

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Lame - what is it?

Lame(adj)1:An unresponsive body part.
Lame(adj)2:Slang meaning "unlikeable"
Lame(v):The act of being lame

1)The dog had a lame leg
2)That dude is so lame
3)Stupid pk was being lame so I wordpwned/word him

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What does "lame" mean?

completely ridiculous; totally retarded

I just flew across the would to meet a guy and wait 2 hours every morning while he injected shit into his veins, all the while smoking cigarettes and watching foreign television I couldn't understand. That guy and that vacation was totally lame.

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Lame - what does it mean?

a fake ass dude. a dude who tries to be hard but is not.

"Man don't mess with that dude, he's a lame."

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Lame - meaning

something boring, unoriginal, no fun.

wonderland is NOT lame.

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Lame - definition

A term used in LA to describe someone that tries to act hard or say they a set when really they are lame

you a lame foo you lame foo. Get the fuck out the hood foo

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Lame - slang

Lacking coolness. Boring. Not exciting.

Let's go home and play checkers, because this party is too lame uneventful. Or He is lame boring, because he just plays video games all day!

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A characteristic exhibited by persons who are boring, unadventerous, and prone to censoring the expresions of others.

Wow, those editors sure are lame, they wouldn't even post my awesome definition of uga!

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noun or adjective used to describe someone or something which is not cool.

Raymond is such a lame.
OMG that's really lame.

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A characteristic describing someone who is just not cool. You can catch these people posting on social media bragging about their (not so) awesome lives. Their snap stories consist of selfies with filters and events made up only for the snap. Will be seen hanging around people equally as lame, usually all on their phones.

See also: loser , pirates , fratguy

"Did you go on Snapchat today?"
"Yeah... Did you see Donald's story? Pretty lame."
"Saw that.. So lame!"

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