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What is lame?

Noun: A responsible homebody, introvert, who is content with work, and domestic life. Someone who likes to stay home and rather than go out and act a fool or spend wrecklessly.

Adjective: Descriptive if said qualities in a person.

Babe, you're such a lame, and that is why I love being with you.

He's so lame.

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Lame - what is it?

1. Adjective describing someone who is Not Funny. This person usually thinks he is funny though, volunteering his jokes and creating an awkward "Why oh why did you feel you had to volunteer this?" atmosphere in the group. This person would be considered lame.

2. Onew Condition

Person A: *picks up object* "What is this?"
Person B: *picks up identical object* "It's this!"
Person A: ...
Person B: *cracks up but slows to a stop at lack of response*
Person A: ...Lame.

2. "Whatever he does, it's Onew Condition~"

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What does "lame" mean?

A word used to describe the Urban Dictionary Word Of The Day

I was checking out and the Word Of The Day was the completely lame and unfunny (insert 9 out of 10 words of the day). I saw many more deserving words during editing but none of them ever get on the homepage. They must be too risque. Urban Dictionary must be run by a bunch of sell-outs!

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Lame - what does it mean?

An adjective to decribe something that not only sucks now, but will likely always suck.

This sitcom on TV was lame and shitty... Also, it was unfunny and sucky, too.

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Unoriginal, boring, cliché, not funny, un-entertaining, shitty, annoying, over done, and over used.

Things such as tramp stamps, chinese symbol tattoos, barbed wire tattoos, tribal tattoos, dog tags, upside down visor caps, white wife-beaters, plaid cargo shorts, ford mustangs, crappy tasting energy drinks (such as monster, nos, or red bull), use of E-cigs and vapes, binge drinking crappy light beer, saying "YOLO", and tricking out your 94 honda civic after seeing "fast and the furious" are among things associated with lame people who don't have minds of their own.

Examples of lame people are:

people who are pretentious and superficial, people who take selfies (especially ones who use the duck face), people who use hashtags, people who do whatever it takes to impress people they don't even like, people who play video games all day, people who are drunk/high all the time, people who are always on facebook or other equally lame social media shitsites, people who try to race everyone at the stoplight with their honda civics and newer model ford mustangs with no engine modifications, people who put subwoofers in their car and blast shitty overrated entertainment rap such as lil' wayne or drake, people who wear fedoras and skinny pants with nerd glasses, people who put hoops in their stretched out earlobes, and people who say YOLO!

Places like night clubs, sushi restaurants, coffee shops, whole foods, Los Angeles, and on instagram or facebook is where you would most likely find these kinds of people.

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just plain stupid, un-original, or lifeless. barbed wire tattoos, butterflies, and tribal tattoos are lame, they say a lot about the person who gets them.

sarah got a butterfly tattoo on her lower back. that's so lame, i'd rather get a dick on mine, at least i'll be more original.

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Someone who is so uncool they have to call other people names to feel better about themselves.

Do you see that guy Riley over there? He is so lame, but always says everyone else is.

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A very subjective term, usually describing someone who goes against someone's way of thinking. A lame person could be someone who has poor social skills, or lacks charisma. Lame could also imply someone who is rude to other people to be controlling, or someone who follows the crowd without having their own style or unique, paridoxically, lame could also mean someone who is TOO unique and therefore removed from basic normal interactions, ie: this person may still like to play with stuffed animals at age 15 whereas everyone else his age has moved on to Xbox or Twitter. It could further be a word lame people use to take the heat off of being called lame also.

Person A: He writes so small, that's lame.
Person B: It's lame because he dosen't act exactly like YOU? You sound lame.

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A characteristic describing someone who is just not cool. You can catch these people posting on social media bragging about their (not so) awesome lives. Their snap stories consist of selfies with filters and events made up only for the snap. Will be seen hanging around people equally as lame, usually all on their phones.

See also: loser , pirates , fratguy

"Did you go on Snapchat today?"
"Yeah... Did you see Donald's story? Pretty lame."
"Saw that.. So lame!"

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Adjective used to describe someone who is boring, uncool, or just sucks in general.

That Jake guy from Wisconsin is so lame!

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