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What is laced?

Lacee is the most beautiful girl you will ever see she has nice looks has curves and the best personality if you ever find a lacee you will want to hold on to her her friends are lucky to have her

Damn she is such a lacee she is hot, and nice

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Laced - what is it?

Dicking somone or getting dicked.

Joe said "Shit I am laced!" refering to losing his dope bag.
Then Joe laced Rishi by fucking his sister.

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What does "laced" mean?

"laced" one might think of this word as HIGH NIGGA
but in this case its not. It means hella buff or Roman only because he is insanely buff or "laced"

Jake: hey nigga

roman: yo guyy what it is

jake:ohh sorry roman for staring you are incredibly LACED, have you been lifting

roman:yea i have braheem

jake:well ima dip set! peace

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Laced - what does it mean?

Having one or more STDs and not telling your sex partner

I wouldn't fuck her. She's laced with crabs

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Laced - meaning

A feeling of being screwed over or defeated BADLY by someone, something, or some situation. To explain the degree of laceage, simply add on extra letters to the word (i.e. laceddd, lacccccced, laaaaacccccccccccceedd)

Nirav got laced when Sahil finished the last home-made chocolate chip cookie that was peacefully sitting on the kitchen counter.

NYU will lace GW in any competition.

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Laced - definition

getting owned, sniped, or just humiliated

Joe, you just got LACED!!!

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Laced - slang

to hook something or someone up, righteously

my boy just laced me with two jill scott tickets, yo!

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adjective used to describe something, or someone, who is very put-together, has their game on tight, looks good, nice clothes, nice jewelry, nice car, has money, fancy, bling-bling...etc.

My college professor asked us this question one day: Why do people want to always make more money in their jobs?

My answer to his question: To stay laced motherf****r! What an idiot.

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(n) together with

Take this weed laced with crack

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1. a drug that is laced into another is snuck in without the consumers knowledge. ("man, that weed i smoked last night was laced with cocaine")
2. dressed up in ("that rich bitch was laced up fine")

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