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What is krak?

The noise made by a thunderbolt or when Thor strikes an object with his hammer. Used by comicbook geeks to illustrate a description of a dramatic event, especially an outburst of parental rage.

"Dude, Julie's mom just found her stash. It was, like, krak-a-thoom."

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Krak - what is it?

The King of all stench. The absolute SMELLIEST creature to walk the earth, or whatever planet it decides to inhabit. He can take human form, animal form, and his true form - a walking, talking buttcrack. His entire body reeks of rancid, putrid ass, and any touch from this krak will forever stain your skin.

Avoid kraks at all cost - especially King Krak!!!

Oh my god, that's a King Krak!! Run away!

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What does "krak" mean?

1. NOUN: A flavor of Zitner's Easter Candy

2. ADJ: Derived from the combination of candy and crack-cocaine roots in its name, the term is used to describe that which is highly addictive, sweet, proper, necessary, and/or optimal.

Aaron: Yo brosef, slip me some o' those caramellos, i can't get enough of dem right now, son.

LeShawn: Damn baller, best go walk it out, dat shit's straight butter krak, gonna turn ya grizzly on me bro.

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Krak - what does it mean?

Is a cult hero on Xbox Live and Youtube after posting vids of outstandingly average Modern Warfare 2 games with commentaries for the 'Average Joe'.

Did you see Krak Fox's new vid? He actually nearly got his first Nuke!

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Someone created and spawned from Bill Parcell's gunt resembling a moldy potato like presence. Also stinks like feces and B.O.

A.K.A.- Krakman

His name is Krakman, and yes he's back again. Fat Tuna is with him too. RUN

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Krak (with a K) is a word for anyone who would appear to be interesting or exciting but is actually a giant pussy with no notable personality traits. Kraks often express no emotion and are incapable of laughter or anger.

We went on a roadtrip with a total Krak. Worst. Decision. Ever.

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the action of ribs breaking due to the "hilarity" of a joke. A sarcastic remark endowed upon a person or persons who tell lameass jokes.

"KRAK!" said Armaan to Neresh after Neresh had told him that uber lame joke
Armaan:Haha! that man looks like a donkey...

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Incredibly retarded dumbass, fucktard.

Zantar is a krak.

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a close group of friends, who share every moment they can with eachother. in this group, they tell eachother everything, and have the best time of their life. just living life how it should be lived.

hey look, theres krak!

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Krak - Awesome, lit, rockin, super fun, good times.

I heard that party is going to be krak! That so krak! Bought these new speakers, they sound krak!

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