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What is knockin?

Banging a ho, or plain ole sex with the lady

Lats night my bitch and I were knockin boots all night

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Knockin - what is it?

to knock on doors and run

person1: I'm bored
person2: It's so boring, there's nothing to do.
person1: I know, let's go nigga knockin'
person1: hahahaha, okay

*person1 and person2 walk up to a house, knock on the door, and run before anyone has a chance to answer it*

*person1 and person2 repeat the above process until they hit the wrong house and a big fast dude comes running out and gives them a stomp johnson*

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What does "knockin" mean?

Another form of "ding-dong ditching" where instead of ringing the doorbell you kick the shit out of it several times and then book it! (sometimes yelling OOGIE BOOGIE NIGGER in the process)

Were on a mission tonight, were goin nigger knockin!

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Knockin - what does it mean?

To Masturbate relentlessly.

After looking at that hot girl, whao i had to go knock a pump. Ater knockin a pump, i felt shameful.

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Knockin - meaning

When one or males make contact with the heads of their penises. Can often be played as a game similar to jousting.

Hey man, as long as we have our pants off... We might as well be Knockin' Noggins.

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Knockin - definition

The act of trying to convince a prostitute that you would be a better pimp for her than her current pimp. Succesful knockin' is called being "knocked" or being "knocked' out".

I see a lot of new Ho's here tonight, time to start knockin'.

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Knockin - slang

To go up to someones front door and knock instead of calling or whatever.

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1.) extremely attractive; smokeshow
2.) awesome, cool
3.) To have a completely kick ass and awesome gym sesh by being a straight beast and making every other guy feel weak and vulnerable

1.) Dude, I went to that party, and that chick was grinding all over my dick. She was so knockin, bro.

2.) Bro, I went to go see that new Wahlberg movie with Timmy Hamilton, and that shit was just knockin bro.

3.) Dude, my gym sesh today was knockin, I made every other guy feel like a fucking pussy because I was shruggin the hundos like a boss.

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To hate on sumbody, for what they have

We went to tha club tha other night, homeboy was knockin.

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The subwoffers in your car make the block shake.

Dat shit knockin jo.

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