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What is knocked over?

"Knock. Knock." Is a term used primarily by hackers and they send them to their victims who they are about to swat usualy on Twitter or private message.

Knock. Knock.

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Knocked over - what is it?

Epic joke told by character Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) in 2002's "Catch Me If You Can".

Carl: "Want to hear a joke?"
Bill: "Sure."

Carl: "knock knock."
Bill: "Who's there?"
Carl: "Go fuck yourself."

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What does "knocked over" mean?

When a teacher searches for the definition of a random string of words during a health class. It must sound like something sexual related but really isn't. You can replace "pepsi" with "soda", "coke", or any other drink.

Student: "What does it meant to knock over the pepsi?"
Teacher (searches it up): "I don't know." (Finds urban dictionary result) "You got me."

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Knocked over - what does it mean?

To 'knock over the fishbowl' is a euphamism for failing a 'girlfriend test', where your girlfriend sets up a test to ensure that you are committed to the relationship.

Alice invited me over to her apartment. Turns out my girlfriend was waiting there... Way to knock over the fishbowl.

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Knocked over

(v.) to unstealthily rob.

I know a house you could knock over with some really good stuff in it.

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Knocked over

1. to rob, to commit a robbery

2. a robbery

3. to raid

They tried to knock over the store and learned a hard lesson when they got caught.

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Knocked over

To hold up or rob.

In New Orleans, every week someone tries to knock over a Popeye's Chicken store.

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Knocked over

the state of being knocked over to the max

damn, that bitch got knocked over fo realz

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Knocked over

A term used to describe an excessive use of force for a simple situation

(After completely destroying a carnival stand with a laser) Gru: Knocked over!

I completely destroyed that 4 piece puzzle. It was knocked over!

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Knocked over

To steal

James knocked over the truck carrying shoes and sold them on the black market.

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