Definder - what does the word mean?

What is knock?

1)a car that's beat iz loud
2)a stupid person who say stupid stuff
3)a radio that haz alota bass

That car knock.Yea b it slap.

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Knock - what is it?

Instantly falling asleep.

Damn, when I get home from this party, I'm bout to just knock.

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What does "knock" mean?

a song that slaps..or that sound crackin/hyphy..bay area

"that song is stupid knock"

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Knock - what does it mean?

to disregard, turn down; to ignore

Don't knock it until you try it.
You can't knock the hustle.

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A customer or client; usually having to do with a drug sale.

I'll be back right after I bust this knock.

501 273


Someone who acts dumb; retarded; or just plain stupid

Mufiin is a king knock, she hit da five foot slap on Jabari.

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(a) A sound device that outputs large amounts of bass.
(b) A bass heavy song.

"These new speakers that I got have some knock to them"

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A knock is someone who is a fiend for drugs of any kind. There can be weed knocks, coke knocks, pill knocks, etc... Also refers to when someone exhibits "knockish" behavior, i.e. fiending for drugs or just acting square. (see square) The word knock is derived from the "knock" of a fiend knocking on the door looking for drugs.

I was left with the decision of whether to bust some knocks and make that money or just kick it with these females.

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to go to sleep.

i'm knocking. goodnight.

257 117


a crackhead

I stayed up all night tweaking like a knock

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