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What is kill for?

Chuck Norris' alternative to going hunting

Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting.....
He goes KILLING!!!!

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Kill for - what is it?

Used as a reaction when something is funny.

Person#1:Fuck your fat head, long neck, lil body ass!!

Person#2:(Laughing)...KILL!! That was funny as shit!

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What does "kill for" mean?

1. To destroy the perpetual funnyness of something funny by use of a lame, moronic comment.

2. To get a powerful ammount of positive feedback. Often used in comedy, Rock and Roll shows, and anything else stage related. Popularized by Manowar.

3. To unplug or turn something off.

Person #1: Are aces high or low?
Person #2: They go both ways.
Person #1: Hahaha.. he said they go both ways.
Person #3: Hehe..
Person #4: Like a bisexual.
Person #1: *stares*
Person #2: Yes.. That was the joke.
Person #3: You killed it.

2. "The whole purpose of playing live is to blow people's heads off,". "That's what we do; that's the energy of this band. We're out there to kick ass. We're out there to turn our Joey DeMaiogear on and blast. We're out there to kill. That's what metal is. Anybody who says otherwise is not playing heavy metal. We will melt your face!"
- Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio

Highway Patrolman: Kill it.
Driver: *turns off the engine*
Highway Patrolman: License and registration please.


Guy #1: Kill your PS2 so we can play Super Smash Brothers Melee.
Guy #2: Hold on you pushy bastard.. I'm trying to play Snake Eater here.
*pointless game debate ensues*

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Kill for - what does it mean?

DMV term
To agree with someone or about something.

Shawty be wildin’”
Kill moe

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Kill for

to make one un-alive

i wish to kill that man of yours.

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Kill for

Better than dank, the cream of the crop of weed, more potent than one hitter quitter, unexplainable

I got some kill kill.
That shit is kill kill.
Can you get any kill kill?

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Kill for

The stongest possible form of marijuana. Usually in the form of buds.

Tre-Fo' let me get some of that Kill-Kill!

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Kill for

A woman of immense beauty that you could kill some on for her. But possibly a dangerous woman. Watch Sin City 2 to understand

Dont mind me saying, but that there is a dame to kill for.
yeah, but she is a manipulative bitch

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Kill for

i would kill somebody or something for this item because i’m so desperate

i could kill for a milkshake right not

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Kill for

to go to great lengths to get something

I'll bet he would kill for a little break from work.

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