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What is kill?

to hate something; something you say after being really annoyed at a particular thing or situation.

It's gonna rain on my birthday!? KILLLL!!!!

I have so much math homework...killlllllll!

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Kill - what is it?

(v) To ruin the quality of something, such as a song by singing along to it badly.

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What does "kill" mean?

1. to do really well on
2. to own

I killed the test today!
I killed the try outs!

I got killed by the lab assignment, yo!

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Kill - what does it mean?

To make dead, bring death.

"Here let me kill him..."

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Kill - meaning

1. to make one not alive

2. turning something off

3. utterly humiliate someone

4. Canniibal Corpse's best album


2. kill the lights

3. I killed you in halo 2!

4. I'm listening to kill

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Kill - definition

Slang term that is heard commonly all over California, and is used in the smoking community to describe marijuana that is very physically dense and extremely potent.

Even a ten sack of that kill is enough to pass around and get you faded.

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Kill - slang

to finish something mostly food or drink

Hey can i kill that sandwich?

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dank, one hitter quitter, high quality weed, not compacted, fluffy buds, KB

That shit is some kill.
I love to stuff blunts with kill.
I bot a pound of kill.

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Used as a reaction when something is funny.

Person#1:Fuck your fat head, long neck, lil body ass!!

Person#2:(Laughing)...KILL!! That was funny as shit!

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to make one un-alive

i wish to kill that man of yours.

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