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What is kicking in?

The moment you start to notice the drugs take effect.

-"those shrooms took an hour to kick in, I was starting to think I got ripped off and felt stupid for willingly eating cow turd".

-"Op op op! I think that wasabi pea is starting to kick in!".

-"I got all kinds of dibbles on me, guaranteed to kick in within 15 minutes or less! or your money back! call right now and you'll even receive a free lap dance! (tips not included, we are not responsible for clothes stains)".

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Kicking in - what is it?

To be done, or cashed. Usually associated with nuggets.

Dude that bowl is as kicked as tylers anus

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What does "kicking in" mean?


I liked your new kicks.

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Kicking in - what does it mean?

east coast - getting your game on, trying to get with a person

west coast - to chill, hang out

east coast - "I was trying to kick it to that girl"

west coast - "Let's kick it sometime"

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Kicking in - meaning

An after party after a night out with the rowdiest of boys, usually involves heinous amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Rowdy Boy 1: Fuck me, it's only 1pm and Tramp has shut already. What do we do now?
Rowdy Boy 2: Don't worry man, I heard there's a kick on session at Judgie's, his parents are in Bali at the moment

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Kicking in - definition

Just layin back and chillin.

Heather: Hey babe, You wanna come over and kick-it?

Kaela: Hell yeah. Sounds Fun.

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Kicking in - slang

The point at which canabis becomes totally exhausted, reduced totally to ash. See cashed.

Dude, I'm just getting hot air, this bowl is kicked.

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Kicking in

abbreviation of "klance is canon king" a saying that is very common in the voltron: legendary defender fandom. klance is a ship surrounded by the romantic relationship of keith and lance. (the actual show doesn't have lgbt representation)

"do you know keith and lance? they had a bonding moment!"
"yea, I know KICK!!

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Kicking in

1. shoes
2. Doing something for fun

hey bro nice kicks u got there

hey u wanna smoke this bowl for kicks?

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Kicking in

In Australia, predominantly Victoria and other AFL football code states such as South Australia; people of all ages will get their mates out to the park or road or hallway and have a kick of the footy. A favourite past time of all kids, kick to kick can be defined best as one person kicking the ball to another and then marking the ball and so on.

"Hey Johnny come out for kick to kick."
"Yeah sure, kick to kick"

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