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What is kicking in?

you probably came here because you heard Quavo saying "kicking in doors" in enough songs and wanted to figure out what the hell it means. IMO, it means to show off, or show up. for example, when you go to party and kick in doors, you're here to show your new ice or drink a lot. basically anything that makes you noticed from a large enough group of people.

"where just came to this club to kick in doors my nigga, you know we drink like kings tonight"

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Kicking in - what is it?

To get you ass kicked, figuratively not literally.

Or, to get worked by your female counterpart, whether its a wife or co-worker. They will completely crush your ego and spirit, and maybe even invert your junk with a swift kick.

The Browns get their dicks kicked in every season in the NFL.

My buddy gets his dick kicked in every time he asks to go out with the guys, his wife denies the request and makes him cower.

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What does "kicking in" mean?

To get your ass handed to you or to take a beating. Can be used to describe a fight, a hard day at work (especially in the service industry) or lose an argument badly

"I haven't gotten my dick kicked in that hard in a long time"

"I shouldn't have picked a fight with that dude, he really kicked my dick in" ETC

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Kicking in - what does it mean?

Kicking down doors meaning showing up at someone’s house to rob them, fight them, or shoot them. Usually something to do with gangs

He owes me money so I showed up kicking in doors

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Kicking in

Getting beat the fuck up by one or more. Properly getting your ass handed to you in a very painful way.

Adam was being a douche and got his shit kicked in the other night.

Hey Larry, I hear you got your shit kicked in for being a racist?

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Kicking in

Term given to anything deemed less than satisfactory, or unfit to be used. Anything not in good condition and should be disregarded as junk. Used mainly in North Central Regina to describe exes,crews,product.

I seen your ex the other”
“Yeah? She still looking kicked in?”

“Who’s kicked in ride is that?”

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Kicking in

to join up or be included with a group or party.

I've decided to kick in with the skinheads!

You wanna kick in with joe and fuck up that kid?

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Kicking in

1) The moment when drugs, ingested earlier, finally start working.

1) "Woah, these Mushrooms just kicked in! Shooot! I am tripping!"
2) "I will get started on my work as soon as this Coffee kicks in."

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Kicking in

The moment you start to notice the drugs take effect.

-"those shrooms took an hour to kick in, I was starting to think I got ripped off and felt stupid for willingly eating cow turd".

-"Op op op! I think that wasabi pea is starting to kick in!".

-"I got all kinds of dibbles on me, guaranteed to kick in within 15 minutes or less! or your money back! call right now and you'll even receive a free lap dance! (tips not included, we are not responsible for clothes stains)".

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Kicking in

Kicking is an act in which you start to make a move on the girl you like, or you are already making a move but you are just not at the final stage of the relationship

LAD1: So ive noticed you've been talking to that girl loads! You kicking in?
LAD2: Yeah think so, ill ask her out soon.
LAD1: Good lad

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