Definder - what does the word mean?

What is keyed?

having to do using mass amounts of yayo where the person feels like his heart is going to beat out of his chest

Dude, I just did a ganker and I am so keyed up.

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Keyed - what is it?

1: To be really high on marijuana.
2: When there's only resin and no marijuana left in the bowl after smoking.

1: We smoked hella last night, I was keyed.
2: This bowl is keyed.

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What does "keyed" mean?

adj. Intoxicated with alcoholic liquor to the point of impairment of both physical and mental faculties.

Dude, I'm pretty keyed.
Can also be used cleverly to describe certain keyed indivduals, as in "Foskeyed".

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Keyed - what does it mean?

when one is completely high from smoking maijuana. side effects include feeling happy, sleepy, then hungry.

guy 1: man we were smokin and i was so keyed, i thought i was flyin
guy 2: shit forreal, youre dumb

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fucked up off the bomb weed.

man i was so keyed last night i could not drive

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When a person has taken a key and run it across the door of a car, thus scratching the paint.

I got my car keyed and I am really pissed about it.

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Getting completely high off of marijuana and really drunk off of alcohol.

"I got five on it, grab your 40 lets get keyed
I got five on it, messin with that Indo weed"

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Getting completely fucked up through the use of both alcohol and marijuana.

"We were just gonna drink last night, but Jed brought his four-footer and we all got keyed.

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when ones vehicle or other expensive possession becomes defaced by someone scraping off the paint with their own set of keys

Dammit.. someone keyed my car last night! Little freshman fuckers!

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High on marijuana.

Sorry I'm so distracted, I'm hella keyed right now.

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