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What is kay?

kay kay is what a little kid may call their elder when shortening names like katelyn, kristen, kathleen, etc.

little brother: " i love you kay kay"
me: " i love you too baby"


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Kay - what is it?

When two or more drag queens have engage in intercourse. This can be done in or out of drag.

Gurl, Trade came over last night with eyebrows arched for the Godz. I had to send him home cause I don't Kai Kai.

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Video meme

What does "kay" mean?

When two drag queens hook up.

Did you see Mimi and Cece after the show last night? I think there was some kai kai going on behind the scenes!

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Kay - what does it mean?

Term for the outer glutimus maximus or ass.
Derived from the shorthand version 'ay' as a reference to violent entry.

"I'm kicking your kay!"
"I'll do you up the kay!"

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Kay - meaning

A irish name for a boy

Though smaller they incredibly handsome

it is gender neutral and in the US is more common to see girls with this name

They are very cute and often mistaken for teenage gay guys

They might not have the biggest out of every guy but they are better in bed then everyone

his name is kay he is amazing

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Kay - definition

A thousand, as in K. Used to describe a defined quantity of items. Short for kilo when referring to weight.

I'll pay another kay

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Kay - slang

insane bitch who makes jokes over the stupidest things to make others smile(it doesnt work) she is super sarcastic and beautiful

guy: hey look is that kay

girl: yes it is

guy: shes so beutiful

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Kay plays roblox and other games but he is the best sf (sword fight) out there thats why people call him "God Tier Sf"

Kay is the best sf on Earth

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a jewlery shop in the Warwick Mall and Smithfield Commons

Every kiss begins with shit gay ass!!! K i s s

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Word that I (Lysseh) use to mean 'Okay, I don't give a fuck about what you're talking about.'

See also kaybye.

Person: My life sucks. I want to kill myself tonight because my love just moved 30 miles away, and my dad wants me to clean the house.
Lysseh: kay. -walks away-

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