Definder - what does the word mean?

What is just vibing?

When two individuals who are interested in one another and are in the process of starting a romantic relationship.

Amy and I are just vibing.

How are you and Amy doing?
We just vibing hey...

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Just vibing - what is it?

feelings, atmosphere (from vibrations)

I get great vibes from that song.

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What does "just vibing" mean?

Radiating a distinct emotional aura that others can detect.

I'm vibing dumb fool, with a strong emphasis on "dumb."

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Just vibing - what does it mean?

(Noun) a sense or feeling about a person, place or thing

(verb) to agree with, like, or get along with

I'm not getting good vibes from this cake.

Yo, she and I are totally vibing.

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Just vibing

(Noun)A distinctive emotional atmosphere; sensed intuitively.

"It gave me a nostalgic vibe".
"That man gives off bad vibes"

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Just vibing

1. hanging, doing nothing, chilling
2. listening to music.

we just vibing in the basement

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Just vibing

When one is lit af, but instead of choosing to be super hype they just relax and vibe off the energy.

Kobe was going crazy at that party, but Eric was just vibing.

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Just vibing

To chill , be at peace, & let life do it's thing.

I just vibe on the beat

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Just vibing

Relax, go with the flow

Hey man just vibe it’s cool

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Just vibing

A state of emotion where one is just relaxing with no emotion at all, ignorant to the world around them.

Friend: "James how can you remain so calm when your life is going to shit?"

James: "I'm just vibing bro, I've been through so much I literally can not care anymore."

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