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What is just saying?

a phrase you say once you've offended someone but you don't want to say sorry

Bro you smell like ass, I'm just saying

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Just saying - what is it?

Phrase used whenever someone says something that's offensive, or hurtful, mean etc. It's is used to automatically erase what was just said, as if the person never said it.

Guy #1:

Ey dog I would love to fuck the shit outta your little sister.

Guy #2: WTF did you just say????

Guy #1: I'm just saying.....

Guy #2: oh ok...kool

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What does "just saying" mean?

how you respond when someone gives you a false compliment/says something out of politeness and you want to let them know you're onto them.

can be said either jokingly or seriously.

often followed by a) "I really mean it!" or b) a lengthier explanation comprised of dead air and bs.

a) girl 1: OMG you look so fabulous in that dress!
girl 2: aww, hon i know you're just saying that!
girl 1: no babe, i really mean it!

b) boy: i love you.
girl: puhleeze, you're just saying that.
boy: boo, i love you like the stars and the moon and the sun... (continued bullshit)

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Just saying - what does it mean?

Having sex with yourself , AKA masterbating

From the show The secret life of the American Teenager .

"My boyfriend and I stopped having sex , so now I just say me

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Just saying - meaning

baiscally a girl masturbating, doing herself, sex with no man

I don't need you to make me feel good I just say me

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Just saying - definition

When saying "Just saying" any where in a sentence, the beginning, end or the middle, it justifies your sentence as redundant, but in your mind you think its concise.

saying Just saying in your sentence is like adding 2 cents in a million dollar conversation.

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Just saying - slang

1.Saying no to certain things.
2.Gene Simmons

1. Person 1: You want some H?
Person2: Just say no, Just SAY NO! JUST FUCKIN SAY NO!

2. Person 1: Dude, just say no.
Person 2: Heh. Gene Simmons is off da heezay!

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Just saying

What is fed into kids minds at school in the early intermediate grades. It really doesn't work much in the fight against drugs, etc

Just Say No. That's a laugh.

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Just saying

There is an obvious implication of what I just said, but I formally disavow that implication, although I actually believe it.

That might be the wrong tie to wear. Just saying. (Implication: it makes you look ridiculous.)

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Just saying

a phrase used to indicate that we refuse to defend a claim we've made---in other words, that we refuse to offer reasons that what we've said is true

PERSON-A: "You shouldn't hang out with her anymore."
PERSON-B: "After all she's done to help me? Wouldn't that be pretty mean and selfish of me?"
PERSON-A: "I'm *just saying*, you should quit hanging out with her."

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