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What is jilly?

Another relationship that is managed by their own managers.
Jacob Sartorius and Millie annoying Bobby Bitch are the most annoying, cringy, toxic relationship of 2018.
We all know that they won't last, but when are they going to announce their break up?

Ew! Jillie is the most fake relationship ever!

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Jilly - what is it?

A Jillie is a beautiful strong intelligent independant firey red-head. A 'Jillie' often has two names, for instance 'Jillie-May'. Jillies tend to find themselves in awkward situations, particularly when having lunch instead of attending a lecture. Such Jillies move on with grace and speed because they are rarely without wonderful friends :-) Everyone loves a Jillie

Person 1: Hey has anyone seen my soul? I think i lost it...

Person 2: I think I saw a Jillie with it...

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What does "jilly" mean?

some one with a nice booty

guy1: dammnn did ya see that girls ass?

guy2: dude yaa it was such a JILLI!

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Jilly - what does it mean?

When your willy is really juicy and it’s just like some juice dispenser

Oi jazza I heard you have a huge jillie m8

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Jilly - meaning

A very strong and friendly woman who sometimes drinks a little too much. You can find Jilly at your local watering hole singing karaoke and organizing reunions of long time friends. Jilly will go bowling every so often at a bowling alley, but does much better on her iPhone.

"Jilly set up an awesome reunion for the c/o '90 last month. I haven't seen so many of you for ages!"

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Jilly - definition

Jillie is Jacob Saggytits and Millie Bobby Brown's ship name

Random dood: Ew Jillie is so gross
Me: ikr

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Jilly - slang

The act of deflecting criticism with irrelevant accusations.

“Hey, I was just wondering if we could turn off kitchen appliances when we’re done.”

“Well maybe you should pay your child support

“You’re totally Jillying me again”

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A dumbass nigga who can’t speak correctly with nasty hair and likes ugly bitches
He also thinks he is bettter than everyone

Jilly why the fuck you liking the dogs shit

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Often said in front of girl. (noun)a guy's personal bitch. Girl that has no purpose other than to put out.

"I'll go find my jilly-girl and bang her up before the party"

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another name for a rolledjoint.

Yo man, let me score a jilly for the road!

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