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What is it makes sense?

Phrase used by highly intelligent people when being condescending and sarcastic. It's typically used when the person you're communicating with isn't making sense.

Dude, wtf did you just say? That don't make no sense.

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It makes sense - what is it?

ccms is the abbreviated form for the phrase 'cool,cool,makes sense'. The phrase is used to acknowledge a logical explanation given by another person in a nonchalant manner. Usually, the correct pronunciation demands that you speak the 'c' in an american accent. Sometimes, this phrase is used to fill awkward silences in a conversation.

for example,

software developer: hey, this is the logic to my code.
manager:,cool,makes sense (CCMS).
software developer: gee, thanks man.

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What does "it makes sense" mean?

A popular phrase to annoy people often in an arguement. Originated from metroshake when a friend texted him a message that made no sense.

Person1: Hey whats colters
Person2: Learn to make sense.
Person1: Wow you are crabby.

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It makes sense - what does it mean?

Using the common sense you suppose to use not being delusional nor slow ..ketchup No mustard period

Stop saying stupid shit like you Dumb And Make it make Sense..

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It makes sense - meaning

While originally used by professors of quantum physics to make sure students are understanding what they are talking about, it has evolved into a not so subtle way of insulting someone's intelligence.

1+1 equals two. Does that make sense?

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It makes sense - definition

Something that is confusing, hard to understand.

An easy example:

Person 1(Drunk): Haaaa...loook at thaat raaiinbooowww, ittt''s glooowwwiiiingg!

Person nr 2 (Sober): Excuse me, but firstly there is no rainbow, it's dark, secondly, what you're saying doesn't make sense! and thirdly, you're drunk.

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It makes sense - slang

Used when someone says some stupid shit.

Ex: What's Obamas first last name?

Make That Make Sense ^

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It makes sense

What one would say to somebody after they attempted to utter a phrase that didn't make sense.
Synically used.

Perfect counter to a "your face" or "your mom" comeback.

guy1: Did you mean to look that stupid?
guy2: Did your mom mean to look that stupid?
guy2: (shrugs, then falls unconscious)

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It makes sense

Be a practical and logical thing to do

It doesn't make sense to buy now while houses are much more expensive than usual.

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It makes sense

Sarcastic phrase that means "I'm right...admit it" even when what you said makes no sense at all. Best used by David Spade in the film "Tommy Boy"

Bob: "I'm gonna bet my life savings on Chuck Norris going makes sense doesn't it?"

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