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What is it's hard?

cool, really outstanding, look nice.

Them shoes go hard. Your hair go hard.

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it's hard - video

It's hard - what is it?

Anything meaning good, like tight, cool, ill, etc.

"Yo that song is hard."

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What does "it's hard" mean?

To be cool

Tupac is hella hard.

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It's hard - what does it mean?

-absolutely not
-fuck no, fuck that
-you're irrelevant, you just suck
-Gross, ugly, awful, terrible

"Emily the morning after a night out is a hard no."
"That guy over there is a hard no."
"The way Kaela dances is a hard no."
"Pouring an entire bottle of Zelko vodka on someone's head is a hard no."
"That outfit looks like shit- it's a hard no."

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It's hard - meaning

When the penis is aroused and expands to it's full length

Kiersten : Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!
Chad : Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!
Kiersten : I do love kissing you Chad and it makes you get A Hard On would you like a blowjob?
Chad : Yes Please!
Chad : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Chad : You know this reminds me of the other day when me and Jim were kissing we got Hard On's and took turns sucking each other's dicks!
Kiersten : Reallly I just gave you an amazing blowjob and your going to talk about your gay experience with Jim.
Chad : I'm not gay I'm bicurious!
Kiersten : Well sounds like your gay to me!
Chad : I gotta go Jim want's me to take A shower with him!
Kiersten : GAY!
Chad: Bicurious!

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It's hard - definition

Erect penis; see: boner

Long Dong Silver could never get a real hard on, because his penis was so long.

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It's hard - slang

someone who is tough. XIAO

damn that nigga is hard

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It's hard

1. Hard (n) ghetto slang for crack cocaine


2. Hard (adj). Gangster slang for Awesome, cool, amazing. Also "to go hard"

1.Ex: "Wayne does smoke hard sometimes when times get tough"

2.Ex " yo darion this beat you sent me is hard!as fuck(sup.)

Or " yo darion this beat go hard!as fuck(sup.)

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It's hard

A boner

You have a hard

Oh motherfucker!!!

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It's hard

slang for hard alchohol

"Last party we went to had a bunch of bitch-beers and no hard A."

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