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What is intimate?

When the government screws you out of your real estate and they claim it's in the best interest of the public.

The city took a piece of real estate from me through intimate domain and didn't buy me dinner.

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Intimate - what is it?

A friend with whom one enjoys several kinds of intimacy which are traditionally regarded outside the domain of platonic friendship, principally including that of an emotional and sexual nature. In this romantic partnership, certain boundaries, terms of commitment, and the expectation of exclusivity may be ambiguous. Therefore, to sustain an intimate friendship requires a diligent effort in using honest and deliberate communication. Also called an "IF".

My intimate friend (IF) and I talk about our feelings after we bang.

Fox and Dana are intimate friends; they maintain professional boundaries M-F and make love on weekends.

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What does "intimate" mean?

Having sexual relations, cuddling, kissing, holding hands, hugging, and/or deep emotional conversation.

You cheated, by performing intimate acts.

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Intimate - what does it mean?

A friend of the opposite sex, whom one mutually satisfies their sexual and social needs with, without commitment.

Lea is my intimate friend...

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Intimate - meaning

The act of ones erection taking place during an intimate conversation with a spouse or loved one.

"We made up, we kissed and I got an intimate boner."

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Intimate - definition

untimely, inopportune.

Due to yours intimous decision. the labourers are all on strike now.

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Intimate - slang

Two neighbors who are having a sexually and romantic fling.

We're Intimate Neighbors Amanda! Shall we eat out or shall I eat you out Amanda?

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to masturbate one's self in private

Yeah, i'm just off to have myself a quick intimate rest

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One who is intimidating. A modern and fresh option for the timid to quickly and succinctly highlight the object of their terror or one who is in a state of being intimidated

Shit, she's hella cute! I'm way too intims to talk to her! Or: That bitch is fly AF, she's got her shit on lock, hella intims!

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1. when two people are within eachothers minds, without boundaries
2. of or involved in sex
3. something personal

i walked in on something a bit too intimate for me to see between my friend and some guy.

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