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What is intervals?

A calming mental state brought about by the momentary break between mental story engagements.

Eg. 1. Coming out of a movie theater in the day time. 2. Waking up from a nap watching the dust motes. 3. Finishing a good book or TV series.

While looking up at the stars I forgot about all of my worries and found myself caught in a pleasant epistory interval.

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Intervals - what is it?

An understandable term to replace "dollar cost averaging" in the investment world. It actually defines what is going on - you are investing money at predetermined intervals. Dollar cost averaging means ...............what?

Jan's retirement advisor suggested she do a periodic interval investment as a smart, easy way to put aside money in her IRA.

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What does "intervals" mean?

1-A running workout involving running multiple short sprints. It develops quick twitch muscles, and improves sprinting speed. Really damn painful. Commonly run to improve times in distances from 50 to 400 meters. Long and middle distance runners also participate in speed intervals, although the effects are less noticeable.

2-The length of time between fixes of a methamphetamine user.

1-We did like 400 speed intervals for track. I can't fucking stand up my hamstrings are so busted.

2-Will has such a short speed interval. He's always high. Let's go to KFC

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Intervals - what does it mean?

when you go to sleep and have a dream, wake up after about a minute, go right back to sleep, dream for a minute again, wake up again, wash, rinse, repeat. this cycle ends when either the dream finishes or you can't go back to sleep.

I just had the strangest dream interval last night.

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Skipping a Nordic Ski Workout for Sexual Intercourse

Susan and I were going to do a 10k, but she looked so good in the spandex I took her home for Swedish Intervals

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(STATISTICS) a range of values for which you are x percent confident contains the correct answer. Answers to a statistical question which are ranged from the lowest likely value to the highest; answers outside of this range are highly unlikely.

Presupposes that you are estimating a value based on sample data, and the sample data has a genuinely random variance.

Usually the confidence interval is for a 95% confidence, meaning there is only a 5% probability that the true value is OUTSIDE the interval.

ANNA: I've been driving your car for about a month.

JAMES: And what you think is the MPG?

ANNA: It's probably about 25 MPG, with a 95% confidence interval of 19.5 to 32 MPG.

JAMES: Holy cow! Any Prussians in your family tree?

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The interval of time before you can take your pants off to masturbate when your partner/parents leave the house to avoid your partner catching you when they come back to find their wallet.

"I went to milk it but my wallet interval was too short and he caught me with my headphones on and my dildo in."

"Yeah, botched my wallet interval last night. Mum caught me. Wasn't like in the porn at all."

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When you are extremely stressed for exams and you go to sleep and then wake up and hour or so later and then go to sleep and wake up again etc.

Interval sleeping has been driving me insane because I have to be rested for my exams

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Accidentally on purpose giving a shitty haircut on purpose accidentally.

You're never giving me a drunk haircut again. You interved the shit out of my hair.

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Runner’s hell
If you want to know what satan is like,
Run some intervals

My god coach is gonna make us do intervals again.” “Fuck.”

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