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What is interim?

An interim boyfriend is a man who becomes very close to a woman, but is not quite the dream boyfriend she has in mind. She may let her guard down and even begin to love you, but because of the dream man in her head, and the fact that you're not it, it just isn't going to happen. Be ready for a world of hurt when she finally finds her dream guy.

"After she met her dream man, I realized that I was only an interim boyfriend. I feel like a total tool for thinking this could go anywhere."

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Interim - what is it?

An interim girlfriend is an acting, associate or "kind of" girlfriend, until better a better girl comes along, or in some cases, the guy and girl will become full "boyfriend and girlfriend."

Or it can be referred to as a girl who isn't a guy's girlfriend but acts like it.

My interim girlfriend acts just like a 100% girlfriend, and she even does my laundry.

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What does "interim" mean?

A mid-semester quzi report card that results in 1) watching a movie in class while the teacher fills them out and 2) being harped upon and/or threatened by parents to improve grades before the "real" report cards are issued.

"Your interim grades are awful. You'd better buckle down."

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