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What is interest?

used for lack of a better word in a conversation. can express 1)indifference, 2)actual interest, or 3)kill time before having to actually respond with a complete sentence (each indicated by the user's tone and manner); excellent word choice option when you do not want the person you are talking to to be able to say something else.

1)"I like to study." - "Interesting..."

2)"I got 10 kinds of nasty at the party last night!" - "Interesting...were there a lot of hot guys there?"

3)"I have 3 cars, 2 bikes, and I am a personal trainer." - "Interesting (check out person) what was your name again?"

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Interest - what is it?

A term used by the YouTube comedy duo Twosetviolin and their fan base to refer to anything music related that is unconventional in a bad way, but does not quite merit the title of Sacrilegious . The term originated with a video where Twoset reacted to the performance of a prodigy who improvised a piano sonata.

The show I saw last week was Interesting!

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What does "interest" mean?

Would like to get to know someone more.

E.g. I am interested in you.

I am interested in getting to know you.
What guys say when they aren't sure about you yet.

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Interest - what does it mean?

oh God, oh God, we're all going to die

"what is you definition of interesting?
Oh God, Oh God, we're all going to die"

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Interest - meaning

That's not interesting; actually, it's stupid.

Person 1: I really think Trump will make a good president.
Person 2: That's interesting.

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Interest - definition

(adj) Something which arouses no interest at all.

Used to politely avoid admitting this, which indirectly expresses your indifference.

Yes, your bottle cap collection is interesting.

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Interest - slang

when the feeling of motivation or enthusiasm for something is strong enough that a person is fully prepared to spend a considerable portion of his or her available assets (i.e. money, time) on it

All Jack is interested in is getting laid. So much of his spending money goes towards taking women out for dinner and drinks.

Dennis was so interested in climate change that he liquidated his 401k to spend three months doing research in the Arctic.

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Something time is spent in.

The word that needs to be added to the Category selection at the 'Add a Word' screen.

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That quantity of consumer appreciation that marketers, advertisers, politicians, and occaisionally teachers try and maintain in their audiences in order to focus nebulous collective attention.

'i maintained their interest in the solar powered nuclear fallout suit by showing them pictures of fried chicken'

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the cost of borrowing money.

"the interest on the national debt alone is abhorrent."

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