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What is insane?

numerically defined in NewYork of Year2020 as:


Repeating the same sequences of events expecting a different outcome.

In New York State of Year2020, COVID-19 pandemic surged in NY along with major cities worldwide. NYS endured mass unemployment encountering an overload to their Unemployment Insurance, exascerbating the outdated flawwed system, crippling their phonelines, with incessant call-ins of claimants' issues all day; every day; every week, hoping to reach a human voice on the other end, only to consistently and repeatedly disconnected due to unavailable representatives. Yet, many persisted madly dialing robotically 888-209-8124.

The unemployed New Yorkers of 2020 occupied their social distancing routines with INSANITY.

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Insane - what is it?

The definition of insanity, is, doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting shit to change. That. Is. Crazy.

'Did I ever tell you the definition, of insanity?'

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What does "insane" mean?

Being extremely beautiful and super nice and having cute dimples and eye brows

Jack: Yeah shannon is totally insane

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Insane - what does it mean?

someone who thinks he/her is always correct and will not listen to anyone even if their obviously wrong. its so bad that the person would do extreme things or ignore every1 just so they keep their opinion. that being said if they are right their then called a genius if their wrong their called insane.

an (insane) person could jump off a building thinking they wont get

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Insane - meaning

Doing the same thing ( usually because it feels good) over and over again and and expecting different results. sometimes this happens if you fail at whatever it is you're trying to do yet the desire so great it compels you to keep trying. It can be with anything and with anyone.

insanity can mask itself into different situations and cause you to believe that it's new and refreshing yet just it most likely is the same old Trap.

insane man #1 has been playing the blackjack table for the last 15 years because he read a book about how it was possible to consistently win at Blackjack at the casino.

They sold him hopes and dreams. fool

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Insane - definition

In a state of mind that prevents normality. Mentally ill.

Felicity is absolutely insane. yeah, she's so mental.

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Insane - slang

another term for cool and crazy. someone that does something really cool and crazy is insane but in a good way. also something that u are unlikely to do urself.

I cant believe u jumped off the roof of that two story building, it was insane

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crazy, extreme, awesome, intense, kool with a k

Did you see him rocking out on guitar? Man that was insane.

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Very,very, very talented.

"Wow the drummer from that that band InEyesofRuin is insane!!!

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1) When someone is mentally ill to the point of being unable to process something regularly.
2) A thing edgy 16 year old teenagers say they are in a poor attempt to be quirky.

The mental hospital is full of insane people.
I'm insane, I think about gore!

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