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What is indifference?

When a male is too intoxicated to perform sexual activities, he lays flat on his back on a bed in a semi-conscious state, staring at the ceiling, letting his female counterpart perform all of the work involved.

Man, I was so blasted last night I pulled an indifferent pancake on my girlfriend.

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Indifference - what is it?

the act of knowing exactly where someone is or what they are doing so an individual may have nothing to do with them while at the same location

-I can't believe she's not noticed me yet. I was standing right next to her for five minutes at the bar.
-Indifferent attention, man. They're born with it...

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What does "indifference" mean?

(adv + v) Manual stimulation performed by a person who is either bored or indifferent to the receiver's pleasure and presence. May be a result of "multi-tasking", done to satte someone's repeated requests (pleading) for some form of sexual gratification and release.

A prime example would be what what husbands get after many years of marriage.

"My beeyatch was on the rag and watching The Hills and all I could get was an indifferent handjob."

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Indifference - what does it mean?

in different

trevor and his sistor like to put it in different

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Indifference - meaning

The opposite of the difference .

Number 9 in Apollo was the indifference to the team's style of play, whereas number 8 was the difference.

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Indifference - definition

The kind of behaviour that causes most women to be sexually by a man.

Man looks at Woman.
Woman: (irritated) "I have a boyfriend!"
Man: (indifferent) "Grats! Ask me, if I care."
Woman: (aroused) "Do me!"

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Indifference - slang

The lack of emotional or physical responsibility when directly responsible for any calamity which might ensue, using ignorance as a defence mechanism rather than accept some form of liability.

The bastards didn't give a shit. All they ever were, was indifference!

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The one who doesn't care. Way to look at someone's life.

This person doesn't care at all. He's totally indifferent

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The lack of concern of one's actions in respect of the impact it may have on another, and a casual display of ignorance when you have been found to be utterly liable

The bastards didn't care, all they were, was walking indifference

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apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactions

The deprived child showed indifference towards a better life, for his life was all he knew.

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