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What is indian girl?

What most Indian girls tend to be.

Hey look at that Indian girl, she looks like one of those typical ugly Indian girls.

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Indian girl - what is it?

Brown chicks, most of them living in central Jersey.

Type one: quiet and hairy, who wears Costco sneakers and still buy their clothes from Justice. They are deadass illiterate, the hair is oily and pulled back into a low ponytail. Usually can be found scurrying the halls walking in an abnormal way, or sitting at home with their mothers. Fits the typical stereotype.

Type two: really popular and beautiful. They hang with the coolest kids, and are just drop dead gorgeous. They date other popular Indian guys and attend parties, drink, and visit the mall often. Usually super sweet but can often be a backstabbing bitch. Type one makes their name look bad. Theyโ€™ve already lost their v card, and are most probably on the track team.

Indian girls are crazy, you never know which type you will encounter.

Different Indian girls in class:
Type one: hello, I have just moved here from Chennai and i am excited to experience the โ€œAmerican high schoolโ€. I like with my amma and appa, along with my brother Pranav. I have never talked to a boy, and I refuse to participate in class and gym.

Type two: heyyy, Iโ€™m from Edison, NJ. I have 1k Instagram followers and Iโ€™m dating Nikhil. I live with my mom, dad, and sister Rachel, and I am so excited to meet yโ€™all. I gotta meet my hoes at the mall right now, bye!

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What does "indian girl" mean?

Indian girls are definitely the best race of girl. They are all so intelligent and pretty with great bodies as well. Sometimes they hairy but hair is great.

Indian girls are so cute and perfect, definitely the sexiest race...

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Indian girl - what does it mean?

theyre all intelligent and know how to keep a house looking peng . their cooking is top notch. got strict/strictish parents but some of them rebel. some of them are fucking gorgeous and sexy. u see them in the gym squatting or lifting. u pull them by having dmc or chatting bout their family/career/goals. most stay loyal unless u fuck up then u fuck up real bad u cant fuck with another indian girl coz they all friends.

person1: yo whos that light skinned browny
person2: thats my Indian girl dawg
person1: yh? ur punching hard
person2: stfu lol shes mine tho

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Indian girl - meaning

Women whom are super cute and intelligent and often stereotyped greatly. They are actually graceful, kind, and gorgeous.

Indian girls on Urban Dictionary are hated on, but they aren't all the same.

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