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What is in the trunk?

When you jam your cock up a girl's ass.

Yo, Lachanda. Lemme put my beans in the trunk, girl.

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In the trunk - what is it?

When someone sell drugs and keeps the large amounts in the trunk of their car

"hey you keep your work in the trunk?"
"ya, what ya want?"

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What does "in the trunk" mean?

A woman's trunk that surpasses being classified as junk, and is in fact chunk.

In other words, a very fat woman's butt that is no longer attractive to anyone.

Hopeful Guy: Hey dude look at the junk that girl has in her trunk.

Sane Guy: Eww no she has chunk in the trunk.

Hopeful Guy: Gross.

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In the trunk - what does it mean?

To have an excessivly large booty, not necessarily a ghetto booty, just a large ass

That girl has some serious junk in the trunk!

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In the trunk

(a) When one is engulfed by their passions or desires to the point of tuning all else out in pursuit of their goal.

(b) Subsequently, it may also mean one who is consumed by an inner turmoil to the point of others' awareness of said issue.

(a) "Man, Trevor's been deep in the trunks ever since he met that cocktail waitress. We never see him anymore."
"Grant got that new contract for the mural and has been spending every day in the library researching greek mythology. He never sees the light of day. He's deep in the trunks by now."

(b) BOB: Is everything alright with Kelly? She's been losing it a little.
CHRIS: Yea. She's struggling to keep it together these days and no one wants to deal with her anymore.
BOB: Sounds like she's deep in the trunks.

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In the trunk

Adj. Describes a woman with a fair to good amount of ass. Generally caries a positive connotation.

I can't stand those anorexic girls, I need a girl with some junk in the trunk!

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In the trunk

To have very loud subwoofers in a vehicle so that it sounds like there is an angry gorilla trying to get out of the trunk.

Eli used his Bar Mitzvah money to hook his slab up, now he has some serious gorilla in the trunk!

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In the trunk

having a prodigious butt

a little more than badonkadonk but less extreme than having an SUV in the pants

I don't mind a woman with a little meat on her bones, a little junk in her trunk.

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In the trunk

to be confused or disoriented, or to be unaware of something that everyone else knows about

How could you have missed that party? Where were you - in the trunk?!?!?!
I can't do anything right - I feel like I've been in the trunk all day.

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In the trunk

Being stupid or having one of those "dumb" moments

Can I have 1 million dollars? - IN THE TRUNK!

What's my name again? - IN THE TRUNK!

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