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What is in the club?

Expression used, often by college girls, to define their state of intoxication/craziness.
Also, a synonym for a crazy/sexually promiscous person.

Last night, I got SOOOOO crunk in the club!
So I ran into my ex-girlfriend; she is really crunk in the club now.

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In the club - what is it?

The alternative name for Michael Martinez's (From the band Allstar Weekend) song, "I Get Down"

Girl 1: Did you hear Michael's song, Ass In The Club?

Girl 2: YES! I get down, down, down.....

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What does "in the club" mean?

When a person tosses up wads of money in the strip club, showering the dancers.

"Me, Big Will, Crispy and J Dub were tired of being ignored at the Magic City last night, so we made it rain in the club and the bitches was all over us."

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In the club - what does it mean?

When one is having a good time, or happy. - a word created by Amanda Chernack.. subscribe @amandachernack

My friends and I are about to head out to the movies we be “Gucci in the club” (My friends and I are about to head out to the movies we be all good or excited)

Ayyyeee you already know I’m “Gucci in the club” (You already know I be good)

It’s “Gucci in the club”- (It’s all good)

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In the club

Going buck fucking wild in the club which includes: getting blacked, grabbing ass, dancing like a maniac and getting kicked out

Dude, I got blacked the fuck out and went buck in the club

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In the club

Crying in the club is pretty much saying someone is getting emotional or being a bitch

Omg crying in the club right now!

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In the club

Means you’re getting sad or upset somewhere you should generally be happy, like the club

He’s got me crying in the club right now

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In the club

A phrase used to describe your best drinking buddy/wingman to a girl at a bar/club. As you introduce him to her as your ace in the club, you should always spill a bit of your drink on him. This shows her that while he may be an ace, you're still king.

You to hottie: "This is Tony, my ace in the club."
Tony to you: "Dude, you spilled some of your martini on me."
Hottie to you: "Let's go have sex!"

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In the club

Term for a person who still has their virginity?

"I think I'm going to hook up with the freshman hottie tonight."
"You've got no shot. She's still in the club."

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In the club

gay slang for referring to a fellow homosexual.

"You can tell Steve is 'in the club' by all of the showtunes he has on his ipod."

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