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What is im out?

to leave, pass out, good bye

"you leavin bro?" "yeah im out like a deaf kid in musical chairs, peace"

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Im out - what is it?

Im Hella faded right now i dont know how im going to make it home tonight. i dont even know where the fuck i parked at. I'm Duffed Out

You tryna get Drunk today im Duffed Out.

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What does "im out" mean?

1.That critical moment when you are taking a dump and you realize that you'll be wiping your ass with a sock, since the facilities you have entered, cannot supply a substantial amount of toilet paper for your needs.

2.Commonly used phrase in a minority neighborhood.

Owen cried out in agony: "oh shit im out of toilet paper", after he finished his business in some random guy's house.

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Im out - what does it mean?

Originated by LeetG and Fogles, become a meme within clan 187ci. When ever someone gets mad, and rage quits they say "whatever dude im out peace"

r3v0lt: wow you're a reetg
LeetG: whatever dude im out peace

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Im out - meaning

useable in any situation

slutmoth ballbag looking tit fanny eat my ass like a cupcake and shut the nigga dick up bitch and fuck this shit im out

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Im out - definition



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Im out - slang

It means that you are located where you are presently standing. Used to tell someone where you are.

Where you at Gutta?

Man Im out chea

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Im out

when you see your mom laying ur dad

dad: ...
me: yeah..fuck this shit im out

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Im out

is what arianastys use to get sugar daddies then we use the suprize attack of GLLLT POW IM OUT

Omg a sugar daddy sent you a dick pic say GLLLT POW IM OUT and block him

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Im out

something you say im poker
when you have no other fuckin options

"these cards are fuckin bad im out "

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