Definder - what does the word mean?

What is ie?

an "instant erection"

On a scale of one to ten I would rate her a IE... instant erection.

Wow ! She is so sexy. Yeah.. she is an IE

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Ie - what is it?

In Existance

This is the best game IE

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What does "ie" mean?

The acronym and slang for the Inland Empire area of Southern California.

"We couldn't find our way out of the IE, so we looked for bro trucks, and drove in the OPPOSITE direction until we reached the safety of the coast."

"If you want to go to the IE, look for a truck with a barbeque grill in the back, and follow them home."

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Ie - what does it mean?

Acronym for 'inland empire' in Southern California.

sam (3:32:00 PM): going to monster?
mark (3:32:08 PM): no
sam (3:32:14 PM): a swing party out in the IE

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A racist online troll

Fuck that iE he’s a dick

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It stands for Internet Explorer!

A really bad brower that messes up your computer.


Girl2: Yes, I use it all the time but my computer always gets viruses.

Girl1: Go get Firefox now!

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Basically a "thumbs down" for Microsoft Internet Explorer, the worst internet browser ever created.
If you use IE, you fail. FAIL!

Josh: Oh man that dude is IE
Emily: IE?
Josh: You know that browser developed by Microsoft
Emily: Oh that browser is FAIL
Josh: Exactly
Emily: I get it now (laughs)

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Microsoft's crap attempt at an Internet browser. It's very basic design means many viruses are able to infect your computer easily along with lots of spyware and adware. Smarter people chose to use other browsers like FireFox, Operah and Safari.

Person 1: Oh crap man, my computer has 7000+ viruses
Person 2: That's because you use IE ¬_¬

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1) Acronym for Inland Empire, located in Southern California

2) The area in So Cal. consisting of cities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

3) One of the largest and toughest prison gangs in California

4) The Meth capital of the world

Prisons are full of the homies from I.E., especially Chino.

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1. i.e. Abbreviation of Latin 'Id Est' meaning "that is" (to say).

2. Abbreviation of Internet Explorer - often proceeded by the version number. A software application developed by the Microsoft Corporation used to browse the world wide web (www).

1. I like thick spaghetti i.e. the fresh variety.

(not to be confused with e.g. (for example) - i.e. provides an explanation rather than an example.

2. I browse the web using IE6.

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