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What is hyped up?

to get overly excited about someone else doing something well.
if a boy is hyping up his girl he is being extra excited about how good she looks or how great she is.

boy: oh my god babe you look so good in that picture damn my girl is the hottest

girl: aw look friends my cute ass bf is hyping me up!

scenario 2:
girl: ya whatever i like your new shoes

boy: girl wyd hype me up sometimes JEEZ

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Hyped up - what is it?

Get high of of a mix of Adderall and Oxycodon

"Dude i got such a hype-up off that crushed up oxy and adderall when i snorted it"

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What does "hyped up" mean?

To make someone horny by being indirect with cheering and showing off.

Did you hype up Becky last night?- John

You know I did, then she grapefruited this dick? Tom

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Hyped up - what does it mean?

(To) Hype up means to feel overly confident in yourself for a brief moment and lose control through being overly happy and having an adrenaline rush.
Mostly in cases you get hyped up to music and dance and sing or your friends making you feel like a bad bitch and you can't control your happiness.

"Amanda is hella hyped up look at her feelin herself on the dance floor"
"Man I'm so hyped up I can't stop smiling"

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Hyped up - meaning

Overly excited

Girl you are too hyped up.

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Hyped up - definition

TO get over excited and to start things you do not mean to start. It's a form of getting out of control. Over stepping a boundary.

"yo don't hype up szeen"
"your girl shyniqua is hypin' up, still."
"slow your roll, quit hypin' up".
"relax, no need to hype up on no one"

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Hyped up - slang

Very excited for nothing

guy 1: shortie gave me her number
Guy 2: damn u hyped up she not even that bad

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